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Another payment options to buy plugins in Oxwaĺl | Forum

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Manzoor Oct 7 '16
is it possible another payment option for oxwall. bcz  paypal didn't work in Pakistan and i want to buy a plugin.  Paypal is not working in Pakistan.  its possible another way to buy it
Onur Oct 9 '16
i found a paypal from germany. i hope. i will resolve by it.
ross Team
ross Oct 9 '16
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Manzoor Oct 16 '16
But how i can pay with  skrill  because  their only paypal option to pay  and paypal service is not available  in Pakistan plz help i want to buy some plugins and theme
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Oct 16 '16
I have seen where some were directed to contact the dev to see if they could offer an alternative payment option since the store only uses PayPal.
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OW-Ghost Nov 18 '16
strange they not answer this question that have been asked here 200 times. when they no answer it is always advantage this team i learned
dave Leader
dave Nov 18 '16
I suppose you counted how many times marcus exactly.   

Here is your answer:

The reason they have not allowed any other payment gateway other than Paypal is because Paypal offers a better service and support than any other gateway. Also because if they add one for this market and another for that market then all of a sudden they have 5 or 10 different API's to maintain and that is not possible right now for the small team.  

Paypal  services enough of the world just fine and the team is happy for the moment with that coverage.  If Paypal does not work for you in your country then contact Paypal and ask them how you can use their service in your location. 

I hope that answers your question. 

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OW-Ghost Nov 19 '16

Are you sure you are a volunteer and not a team member?

You speak about importen things that not a volunteer should now the correct answer only they who run this business could answer.

anyways for me paypal works perfect i have no issue about paypal but what i was see several times is that ross did not answer on this and that is strange and thats why i comment this topic i would like to know why they no answer this questions and why a a not team member need answer questions that in my opinion belongs to they who run this business

The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Nov 19 '16
dave Leader
dave Nov 19 '16
Because Ross does not handle the store or store issues, he only does the moderation of the plugins approval, thats all.