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Advance payment for membership [ Open ] | Forum

Rob Nov 16 '16

A big question from us.!

Is there a plugin or perhaps an option for developers to create it, to make all future members during registration pay for a membership.?

Payment in advance.

With best regards,


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dave Leader
dave Nov 16 '16
HI, i dont have a copy of the membership plugin so i dont know if they have that option built into their plugin, you might ask them about that feature. 

The only other way i can see this off the cuff of course, is to have a paypal button on the main page of the site and somehow stop access until they have paid, then once paid you provide them a code to enter.  But again that would mean having a DB table to store the code as well as some custom coding to the site.  A plugin for this would be better.

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Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Nov 16 '16
One member offered this suggestion as a work around since there is no plugin that will prompt for payment at sign up.

dave Leader
dave Nov 16 '16
Nice find Darryl, very well done.. :0)
ross Team
ross Nov 17 '16
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OW-Ghost Nov 18 '16
great work shaun and darryl
dave Leader
dave Nov 19 '16
Too bad you cant set up a auto subscription via paypal and just have the user agree to it, that would be the most direct way. 
OW-Ghost Nov 20 '16

Your website have same content on 2 pages you will bee punished from google to have same content in 2 pages.



both pages same content , but that is "normal" you are not alone have it and i think they would never fix that if you report it. the core is build up same like that

anyways nice design

dave Leader
dave Nov 30 '16
As i understand it (out of the box) the account type option just effects the questions they are asked.  The thinking is that some account types you might want to ask different questions than others.  It also has role features. 

As of now i dont think there is anyway to validate input of a custom field, but shy of that you could just do a custom field for lets say paypal transaction id and set it as required.  Then once they join and put in the info, you can verify that you have that sale recorded by transaction id, if not then make them standard member. 

Its a bit of a high maintenance deal without a actual plugin to do this, but if you have the time and your not overwhelmed with registrations it would work for now. 

Since there is no validation feature on the input you will have some that put junk in there which is the down side of it, but i would think that this would be the minority. 

I really wish Oxwall would add a validation field for their custom fields.  It would be easy to just add the field and then allow us to use regex to validate the input.  

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dave Leader
dave Nov 30 '16
Its definately possible with a simple plugin. 
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