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Licensed Plugin on Localhost | Forum

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Friedrich Dec 26 '16
Hello oxwall community,

recently I purchased a plugin on the Oxwall Store and added it to my local Oxwall installation. Since I am still in the development phase I do not want to upload it to a server.

But when I am entering the license key in order to install the plugin I get the following error message: CSRF TOKEN IS INVALID OR EXPIRED

So I guess I can't use it on localhost (even though I thought I did once a while ago...)

Is there a way to get this purchased plugin working on localhost?

Have a good day! Cheers!


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OW-Ghost Dec 27 '16

if we could use plugins localy then it was no problem make 100 copys of the plugin and use local on many local servers. i think not secure system for oxwall because they would not know how many servers you installed the plugin on. i think only live internet connection will work with you plugin for allow oxwall check you not installed the plugin on many servers websites

what i feel you ask for is that oxwall remove the feature that check what ip you installed the plugin on, and if do that then it free install the plugin on 100 places and even sell it would bee possible with no ip check

but im no expert on this area at all ...i just guess...i think oxwall need answer that question

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Friedrich Dec 27 '16
Hi Marcus,

thanks for your reply. To be honest I did not know about the IP check and was not aware of that localhost even connects to oxwall to check. 

After your comment I've found the button for resetting the License IP on the purchased plugins list. The reason why my localhost's IP has changed was because I went to my parents place for Christmas and took my laptop with me. 

It will be interesting though, when I always have to reset the License IP as soon as I change the Wifi network or go online with the site and keeping one local copy.


OW-Ghost Dec 27 '16
Okey i understand....but this ip check feature probably not okey to remove. 

But i understand your issue

dave Leader
dave Jan 7 '17
Once you get the plugin up on the server you wont have this problem.  Due to some underhandedness some years back when some people were stealing plugins and passing them around, Oxwall created some new policies and code logic to try to keep that from happening in the future.  Its not a win for all situations but it does limit the risk substantially.  Sorry your having issues. 
Friedrich Jan 7 '17
Ok, I can understand. 

Btw. the videos on your YouTube channel have been quite helpful for me to get started with Oxwall. Thanks for that!
dave Leader
dave Jan 7 '17
Your welcome glad to help :)