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Oxwall Store Paypal Process - its time for change. | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Jan 18 '17
Well im fighting another issue with chargeback via paypal.

Things have changed at paypal.  It used to be that the buyer had to show proof of their claim.  Now that buyers have protection for virtual purchases (this is a fairly new thing for paypal) they can claim anything they want to and get away with getting our work for free. 

I got a letter from paypal today that said that i have to submit this long list of proof about the purchase and about my product in order to prove it is as described.   I understand that we want to protect the consumer, me included. But his is a push way to the other side of things and its not right that they get to claim whatever they want and get their money back but keep our product. 

here is the content of the email 


Virtual/intangible items and services are now eligible for Purchase Protection. As a result, we're requesting additional details to verify the virtual/intangible item or service was received by the buyer and is as described. 

Examples of the documentation that you can pro

 -Purchaser's e-mail address to which the goods were delivered 

 -Date and time goods were downloaded/received 

 -Description of the goods downloaded/received 

 -Proof that your website was accessed for services after the Transaction Date 

 -Purchaser's IP address 

 -Screenshot showing receipt by the purchaser 

 -Correspondence with the purchaser acknowledging receipt of the item or service as described 

 -Any other compelling evidence you may have showing the item or service was received and is as described


So its not that i cant do this, its that why should i have to go through all of this in order to prove i have quality items, i know i do. 

I suggest that Oxwall come up with some kind of form added to their paypal process to help protect the store devs or i will be forced to either find another payment processing company or just close my store.  

Im sorry folks but this is just getting ridiculous to the extreme. 

What can you do for us Oxwall?

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OW-Ghost Jan 21 '17
as a buyer i feel much safer now i will buy more plugins with protection like this. I think if you have done everything correct then dave you should fill in everything and show that bad guy or girl that he or she can not scam people on money. they will not do it again if you not fill in everything they will clearly do it again.

i think paypal not do this rules for make problem for you dave they make it for protect both buyers and sellers. 
i can understand you see it only from your point a view as a seller and how easy it was before to win the cases because i have loose one case here at oxwall that i was despute that i should have win that why i know before the rules was more protecting the seller before

i think know there is more fair game here if you really want a despute then i think you need show to them that you are correct and not the other part it is same in any court in america

someone have to prove something dave not only the buyers have to prove that they are correct like it was before. the bad guys is always loosing in the end and the good guys wins always it just mather of time i see it on tv everyday how internet criminals stolen data taken after 5 or 10 years doing it behind they pc it is just mather of time ...justice is always come visit this guys who look for fast money...fast money is not good for the health...

dave i recommend you fill in the proof and win the case and you can do it quickly next time if you need to do it.

i did buy some plugins here NEW ones that is not working i will see if i can have my money back because this developers not care fix this plugins and gone up in smoke.

do you know for how long time buyers have this protection? or i will read it my self

and for developers doing like this to me the rules is great and keep this bad developers stop sell no working plugins

i can agree it hits good developers but at the same time it sort out the bad developers at the store, and if you are a good developer then just show him you are for help us buyers have more protection from this bad devlopers you will support us that have been scammed on money here at oxwall if you do!

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