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Support questions - Fundraising Plugin by Oxwall CS | Forum

Emil Team
Emil Aug 19 '11
Wow, nice work! Oxwall needs something like that.
shimray Aug 19 '11
Great!!!! Thanx!!!
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Aug 20 '11
i cant use it cuz paypal block us
but Thank you verry much
its must be Great Work
AL BALOCH Aug 25 '11
Sorry but paypal is not supported in our country, and in some of country no paypal, is there anyother payment method like Alertpay?
Emil Team
Emil Aug 30 '11
Al, There's also a couple of other payment gateways available, please browse the Store. We hope to have more payment gateways soon, so this is not the problem of the plugin but the lack of payment gateways.
king Sep 23 '11
how to add these to our site
Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Sep 26 '11
you can add this plugin to your site the way you usually do it in Oxwall software:
download plugin zip from the Store,
unzip it to 'ow_plugins' directory of your Oxwall installation
go to admin panel 'Available plugins' section and install it from there
Ahmed Oct 15 '11
hello this is great but many why not open more advice for pay like money bookers it will be more better
Steven Myers
Steven Myers Nov 20 '11
Missing payment gateway for users to donate...
Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Nov 24 '11
Ahmed & Steven, more payment options will appear, as standalone plugins
olivier Dec 18 '11
Is the money debited whenever the goal amount is not reach ? What could be great should be to debit money from users donations only if the amouant goal is reach.

Can anybody do that ? or is it already included in this plugin ?
Ivan Mar 9 '12
Why do you ignore question about ipn? How to make it shows people who donated money? It's necessary! Thanks a lot!!!
Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Mar 9 '12
what is the question about IPN? I cannot find it.
As for showing latest donators, this option can be evabled/disabled in the widget settings
C van Hirtum
C van Hirtum Aug 5 '12
is the plugin supposed to count the amount automaticly, cause i got a donation but the plugin in my sidebar won't display the new amount...
anybody an idea how to solve?
Maryam Sep 19 '12
Would be nice to allow attaching graphics to display with each goal as well.
Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo Jun 1 '13
I had a user give $20 and the plugin showed him giving $20 15 times, and it seems to keep adding more times, when in fact he only gave $20 1 time. 

Also, it didn't reflect the contribution automatically in the widget. I had to do it manually. 

Buggy plugin. 

Adrian Jul 22 '13
Guys - any idea why i get a

Incorrect responce Error 500
Internal Server Error. - See more at: http://www.couples4couples.co.uk//index/customize

Server 500 error from this plugin?? Could anyone please sort for me as I would like to use this plugin


Incorrect responce Error 500
Internal Server Error. - See more at: http://www.couples4couples.co.uk//index/customize

benjaminmcavoy Aug 15 '13
What Payment plugin do I use for this..?  can someone send a link to me..? prefer paypal.

Thank you
Alex Philipp
Alex Philipp Aug 19 '13
Very good after fresh update

No more bugs, supports payments info in Admin/finance

Like it

Oxwall CandyStoreThank you

Oxwall CandyStore
Oxwall CandyStore Aug 19 '13
You are welcome
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