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Support questions - Fundraising Plugin by Oxwall CS | Forum

Franklin Frank
Franklin Frank Dec 26 '15
1. Oxwall CandyStore, after going through this forum thread, too many people has been asking similar question which is what is the exact plugin to be use for the Fundraising/Croundfunding oxwall plugin? Is it the "Paypal Billing" oxwall plugin found here:http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/34. Please let me have the link of the plugin. I must say the plugin is great but i have not tested with the required Paypay plugin so I cant really tell.
2. If a user of an oxwall site where the Fundraising/Croundfunding oxwall plugin is installed creates a Fundraising project, how would they get the money? Is it the owner of the site pays the user the money after the project or would there be a way for the user to enter their paypal email/account when creating the project so that they receive the money directly?
Annalise Apr 14 '16
How can I remove the "Comments" section please?
Paul May 12 '16
Is there a way to remove the categories box? We are electing not to use the categories and would like to remove it from the page without interfering with functionality. Thanks.
Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Jun 26 '16

Hello Oxwall Representative,

 I have used this Plug in before on my other site and it worked very well, we loved it!

This is why we would like to use it again on our "NEW WEBSITE" so I Installed it just the same way that I did the last time I though, but this time I keep getting this error message that continues to come up and it will not allow me to post a Project , can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

I submitted a PROJECT and it keeps putting up this "RED ERROR MESSAGE"  that says:


Can you please tell me what does that mean?  Then advise me of what am I doing wrong?  I know that it has to be something that maybe I left out or something because it worked so perfectly on our old Website?

Thank you

Rev. Wilson 

Евгений Aug 8 '16

I have the same error
I have
 the same error

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Ronald Sep 9 '16
Hello I currently have version 1.8 and getting the following error message when trying to create a fund.  "TYPEERROR: CANNOT READ PROPERTY 'FOCUS' OF NULL"
Shaun Apr 8 '17
Same problem with the error message.

Gutted that no one is responding to previous comments about it.
Павел Apr 18 '17
Hi! What about Oxwall 1.8.4?
danylo May 15 '17
Solved (for me)

In my case it was a php variable in the form marked as required, then the validator in the html couldnt find the focus of this field when submitting the form. 

Ronald Jun 24 '17

Just installed this plugin with my site, and working so far perfect with Stripe.
100% but "how does a site member collect their donations?"  I paid $2 and see that I now have $2 in the Admin section, but how can site member collect their money?  Is there any plugins I could install that would allow me as admin to transfer money to members from admin.

Thanks in advance.
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Mirco Ghilardi
Mirco Ghilardi Dec 31 '18
Good morning

i gott this message:


Do you have any idea what i can do?

Thank you for help.

best regards Mirco

Joseph LoFaro
Joseph LoFaro Dec 6 '19
Keep getting a cannot read property focus of null error when I try to add a goal does anyone know how to correct this?
  Error.PNG (5Kb)
Joshua Sommer
Joshua Sommer Jun 17 '20
yes, I get the same thing, any idea how to fix it?

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