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Crop Avatar Failed | Forum

Ajeet Mar 2 '17
I have done everything from changing permission to 777 to creating a tmp folder under ow_userfiles/plugins/base/avatar but the problem still persists there crop avatar failed.

The avatar which i upload goes into ow_userfiles/plugins/base/avatar/tmp but it shows Crop Avatar failed.

Please help me on this matter.

Jochen Sep 15 '19
the folder MUST be  avatars    and not avatar   
Hudson Gye
Hudson Gye Oct 15 '19
i need help , i have same issue
andi surya
andi surya Jul 22 '20

when I install at free hosting always get "crop avatar failed"

but when I install at paid hosting, in a second Avatar is uploaded and appear.

and in paid hosting, total the file's is more then 8,400

I download Oxwall file's from Paid Hosting.Softacolus Cpanel.

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dave Leader
dave Jul 22 '20

Run php 5.6 during install then change to php 7 after that. If not the install will break if running php 7+

First dont do the pre packaged installs in cpanel, download the normal oxwall files from oxwall and do a manual install.  https://developers.oxwall.com/download

Also how are you uploading the files, check your transfer type (under transfer of filezilla), are you using binary, if not set it to binary. 

You dont have to upload all the files via filezilla anyway, you can just use cpanel file manager and copy oxwall zip file in to the public html or whatever directory you want and then unzip it, then run install, after install check your file permissions to make sure they are correct.

Using filezilla for file permissions you can do recursive.

set recursive 777 for the following (recursive = every file and folder in the dir and all sub dir) 


non recursive - set 777 just    ow_smarty/template_c

Free hosting is very restricted, they probably dont meet the requirements of oxwall.

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