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Open or closed for visitors - Social media sharing | Forum

Rob Mar 19 '17

Why this plugin only works as the site is open to visitors.?

With the advent of the themes with a landing page, the usefulness of this plugin has been very limited and that is a shame because it works very well.!

When the site is closed for visitors, the members also want to share the site on the social media.!

Really a shame.....

Robert Mar 27 '17
So that's why it does not work now. My awesome landing page vs being able to share stuff.. decision decisions
Fawzi May 9 '18
Hi Rober / Daydreams !

I felt sory for my self and for you when i faced the same problem ....

BUT after a quick search in the plugin's code i found the responsible code 

If you have FTP access to your website

go to the plugins forlder

open the social_share plugin

go to the components folder

edit index_share_buttons_widget.php

Replace this part :


        if ( !OW::getConfig()->getValue('socialsharing', 'api_key') || OW::getConfig()->getValue('base', 'guests_can_view') != 1 || OW::getConfig()->getValue('base', 'maintenance') )        {            $this->setVisible(false);            return;        }


By this one :


        if ( !OW::getConfig()->getValue('socialsharing', 'api_key') || OW::getConfig()->getValue('base', 'maintenance') )        {            $this->setVisible(false);            return;        }


There's a second file : open share_buttons.php (in the same folder)

And replace :


        if ( OW::getConfig()->getValue('base', 'guests_can_view') != 1 || OW::getConfig()->getValue('base', 'maintenance'))        {            $this->setVisible(false);        }


By this :


        if ( OW::getConfig()->getValue('base', 'maintenance'))        {            $this->setVisible(false);        }


Hope this can help !

Have a nice day guys

Fawzi May 9 '18
if you are interested in adding more social media, just let me know ...

i'll keep you uptodate when i finish adding more to the module

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