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Selling Full Developer Rights To My Plugins | Forum

dave Team
dave May 12 '17
Hi everyone, over the last several weeks i have received several messages as to how i am and where i have been for awhile now.   First let me say that i am touched and appreciate your concern and your thoughts.  I have grown to know some of you very well in one way or the other and overall im glad to know all of you here.  

I also appreciate the business relationship many of us have come to know.  I hope that my talent and quality focus has served you well also over the years.

However it is time for me to move on and put my craft in the hands of the new generation of programmer. Those with new skills and talents which can take what i have done and expand on that to serve the new generation of user and the new ways in which users access and use the internet today.

This has in no way been an easy decision for me.  But i have to think about my customers in the long run and they really deserve the ability to use my plugins in the new world. 

I am very proud of the fact that my plugins have withstood the test of time and that i have had very few issues with any of them(even to this day).   I can probably count the real issues on one hand and for that i am very proud of myself.  I am also proud of those that stood with me through the trial and error phase on some which involved many pieces. 

I have accomplished most of what i am able to do regarding Oxwall.  The only project i wish i would have done but didnt was the affiliate plugin, i think that would have been my masterpiece.  But i will have to leave that to someone else to achieve. 

When i first came to Oxwall everyone had big dreams and it was and still is a powerful software. While i was here i attempted to not only try to make the store a better place but also help turn some things around in order to help management make Oxwall more of a global powerhouse.   I feel even though i was not able to achieve all of that, i think many users prospered from my efforts and im happy with that.  So im not leaving here a sour puss because i value my time here, the friends i have made, and the lessons and talents i learned here. 

Oxwall can be a real global candidate and i wont sit here and speculate why its not or why some do and some dont want that.   I will say that it is unfortunate that the challenges that the team faces are standing in the way of real progress and thats just too bad.  I have done all i can here and so its time to move on to other interests in life for me. 

I wont make this a book as those who know me know i am very capable of doing lol.  But i will say that there have been some changes in my life which have reminded me that its time for me to step away from the computer for awhile and go smell the forrest and the lakes and do some fishing.    And this is the major reason i am taking this step away from Oxwall and on to new and different things away from the computer. 

I had originally planned on taking my work with me and doing things on the road. However i still feel very strongly that someone else should take what i have done and make it their own and take it to the next level.  

I will still support what i have until the time comes that someone else takes over.  But i wont be doing anything new and i wont be adding any new features other than some which i have already promised.  I will still keep my word on those things unless someone else takes over before that time. 

Rather than list them or what i feel they are worth i would like to do this in private because i think thats the professional way to do things.  So if you are interested in buying the full developer rights to any of my plugins please send me a PM and we can talk about options and costs.  This means that if you purchase the rights then its your plugin to sell totally, change it, update it, do whatever you want with it, it belongs to you know.   I was actually hoping one of my sons was into computers but they are not. 

Here is the list of my plugins, if you are interested let me know.  I am not interested in getting rich off of this.  I just want a fair price and i would like them to go to someone who will take care of them and those customers who already have them. 


Once the rights are sold i will post here and let everyone know who the new developer is so that there is no confusion. 

Thanks and it was a pleasure knowing all of you, even if we did not agree. :)

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Chris_W May 13 '17
Hi Dave,

I think we'll all be sorry to see you go, a level head, integrity and patience seems to be in short supply these days. Though we do have our fair share here.

When the time comes for you to bow out, don't be a stranger, I think we'd all like to see you pop in to say hello every once in a while.

Good luck with all your new ventures and pursuits.

dave Team
dave May 15 '17
Thanks Chris, much appreciated and yeah ill be popping in from time to time to see how things are.  Maybe to even brag about my catch or how the big one got away lol... 


OW-Ghost May 17 '17
It was a pleasure knowing you Dave, even that we 95% never agree on many things ;)

Now i will have no one fighting with and it will bee empty and quiet :) 

I feel you did the right thing to leave computer and go outside more because we are not very young so we need enjoy life more everyday :)

Good luck with you new life style Dave.


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dave Team
dave May 17 '17
Thanks Marcus, ill pop in from time to time to give you a fight lol :) 
Sypa CC (Creative Fertile)
Bad news...you are an institution here. Me any my team got sometimes disappointed with the oxwall project development. But you never gave up believing into this project. You are an important argument why we use oxwall and spend time and money into it.

Now it feels like you doesn't believe anymore into oxwall.
yubing May 24 '17
Thanks for all your have done.

From china.

Bruce Tran
Bruce Tran Jun 12 '17
Thank you for your eagerness to help everyone here. One day I would like to do the same. Have fun with nature.