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David Jun 19 '17
Purusothaman Ramanujam did this plugin, but... try getting him to fix it.  The embed features are broken... and only works for YouTube.  People have tried to contact him... we've talked about it in his forum, we've PM'd him... NOTHING.  WHy are we wasting our time and money here if nobody can get a response from developers when their sh*t breaks?  Where's the "support"?
Christian Jun 19 '17
Is Oxwall forum down or does not work? and Oxwall developers has long been disappeared Love only  your money for support forget. Oxwall Developers has disappeared
The Oxwall developers have always been scammers

::::::::Sorry that it is so,
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OW-Ghost Jun 26 '17
well i have to agree ,this man he comes and then dissapear some months sometimes years...no stabel investment to buy plugin from that guy.

that why i did leave his eventx plugin because i feel can not rely on the support if somehing happens and i need wait him some months for get a answer. (i think the plugin working now but i no interested use it) someone want buy a eventx license cheap?

i try now only use as little plugins from store as possible and from trusted developers, because of the strange support that can bee gone foever or years or months....

buy a lottery and you maybe lucky more to get something from you invested money then buy plugins from developers that not care support they plugins...

i did try send him a message some months ago about some mobile app that he working on but no answer from him dead connection for some months. earth quake in india again he no internet

with all this said he have great plugins but his support get 0 stars of 10 ten stars (support review from ow-ghost)

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Adiemus Jun 27 '17
Any luck getting the embedding to work properly?  Also are adult themed video sites included in the plugin, I didn't see them on the list.
David Jun 28 '17
No luck at all, Adiemus.  The version I was using worked great but had small bugs.  When he upgraded... it broke EVERYTHING but YouTube.  I was even creating my own embed codes and embedding from my own server.. that's how good it WAS.   Now... only YouTube.   I never use YouTube because the content I'm embedding always gets pulled from YouTube.  I needed the other sites to work, as they did before. 

I don't see any adult content video sites listed, by the way.