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Im not agree - Protect Content | Forum

OW-Ghost Sep 1 '17
---- There are more sophisticated ways to be able to copy content, such as looking at the code Source, but fortunately not many are ----

I think if someone want to really steel your content they are no doubt aware they can look the source code. i would say 95% is aware of it.

first i was make a block same you do now but later i was thinking it would not help very much when they can see the content on another page and copy how much they ever want from the content.

Anyways great with new plugins but i think this one is not help you very much for protect you content just 5% protection maybe

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Sumate Sep 1 '17
It is not that way. Lock the right click and the text selection. That helps a lot. It is very hard to be looking at the source code of a page. It does not allow to see in an easy way the source code. do what.
OW-Ghost Sep 2 '17

Hello my friend....

  1. Just open the page you like on Chrome and press “Ctrl+U” together. It will open the new tab that has the source codes of that particular page you want to view. You don’t have to do anything else after that.

Note: This key shortcut is for windows users. Mac users can use Cmd-Opt-U.

If you really want to steel the content and like to look for content to stell then you aware of this shortcut and you can do it from you setting or tool menu in many browser you not need right click.

You need block keyboard shortcut and setting tool menu then you have a compelete block and that would bee impossible create such plugin i aware of that

You would probably block my grand mom or my sister or my wife from copy your content but this amatuer website people is probably not very interested steel content from websites or create websites at least i never see any sign they have been interested of it. i hope you understand my point here if you is looking for steel content you know the small and very easy commands for see the source code on a page.

Again i happy you create plugin to oxwall it is very good for the future but i can not give this plugin more then 1 star of 5 stars because it really to easy to go around the right click block.


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Sumate Sep 2 '17
The Control button will be locked
Sumate Sep 2 '17
The wordpress plugin works this way and has very good aseptation
Dave Sep 2 '17
An easy way (via an Oxwall plugin) for creating obfuscated code is  what I'm mainly interested in! (Not right blockers)
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OW-Ghost Sep 3 '17
if you want easy way!

use GOOGLE you find very easy small guides for have right click block and save the 5 usd.

i have already test it and it is easy put the code in head section on all pages then in html body

i will not put the links from google here for respect of the plugin developer 


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