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Plugin Burnout | Forum

dave Leader
dave Sep 24 '17
Well folks i tried my best to avoid this but im totally burned out.  I know i made promises and at the time i thought i could achieve my goals, but my mind is kicking my butt right now and its the boss of me. 

I feel horrible every day that i cant get things done for the people that i promised plugin updates but i have to take some time away.  Totally away from coding and not even think about it.  If i dont it is going to get to the point that ill never come back and i dont want that.

I hope you understand... i am sorry!

Thanks for everything 

dave :)

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Chris_W Sep 25 '17
Look after yourself Dave, no point in running yourself into the ground.

See you when you are good and ready.

Steve Sep 26 '17
Dave you need to take care of number one and I do know you have been fighting some health issues.

So my friend take care of yourself and get better. See you when you get back.

Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Oct 6 '17
Okay dave...Get some rest hopefully in time we will get those updates
OW-Ghost Oct 7 '17
take a rest dave and then come back with more power :-)

something else that was come up in my mind.......

how many developers are really VERY active on oxwall ? i fell it like 10% that are really very active ?

so the 90% are in some zoombie mode.....and some going from zoombie to completly dead

maybe i wrong and did have nothing to do with that dave need take a rest it was just come up in my mind because he is one of the very active here at oxwall plugin store :) 

anyways we know it will no bee better it will bee the same i just can not stop bring it up maybe i sick to and need a rest from this crazy plugin store  :)

because our opinion about the store is never make any changes..

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Webster Molaudi
Hi Dave,

I see slowly you're updating your plugins but can you please consider o-Store as well as a priority on your updates as it has many issues and i really use this plugin or rather want to use it but with too many issues that i mentioned its a problem for me, i know its been 2 years i bought it from you and you said you will...Please consider
dave Leader
dave Jan 10
yes webster the next one on the list is the ostore, i am taking a small breather to get mentally recharged then ill do the ostore.  

I may do some very small ones between that time as they only take a few lines of code to update them.  

But the next big one is def ostore.... i will get it done... 

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OW-Ghost Jan 10
webster i started ignore all developers at oxwall store and fix all issues that the plugin have with hire a third part developer much faster done and you not need begging because i done that for many of this developers but i stopped do it...if i see a plugin error i hire some other developr fix it and then the original developer can take his holiday forever if he wants who cares i will not begging more. about dave i have no plugins from dave only one and it have worked perfect always with no issues so i can not complain to him about anything. take the rest you need and hope you come back fully recovered with alot of strenght for fighting with me ;) the last sentence was a joke ;)

have a nice day oxwallers!

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dave Leader
dave Jan 10
Its not really bugs in the Ostore as it is features he wants.  The small bugs will get fixed i dont remember any of them are fatal or take away from the experience.  

Thanks for your kind words OWG.....   I was about to get upset when you said you were changing plugins via hired devs because you are not allowed legally to do that with any of mine.  This is why i am all for encryption for plugins.  But since you corrected yourself and said you have not done that with mine then no reason for me to get upset.  Ill let the other devs worry about their own stuff. 

Webster Molaudi
LMAO....HI dave, check your inbox i sent some bugs with o-store but they are minor and they do affect the usability at some stage in my case....please have a look 30% is bugs and 10% is features i wanted and 60% rather corrections.
dave Leader
dave Jan 11
OK np webster, ill have alook..  it had nothing to do with how long its taken me to do this anyway. Things are what they are with my situation.  But i will get it done for you.  I do realize that i am late in getting to it.. .
Webster Molaudi
Thanks Dave
dave Leader
dave Jan 13
Webster nothing in my inbox are you sure you sent it.