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Bing Update, Not Working with Bing anymore - Google Maps Location | Forum

Christopher Matchmaker
Seems Bing made some updates and the Plug was not working right after the update. When people tried to Join My site it would not even load the location. I had to switch to Google.

You might want to look into this issue.


Jojo Nov 8 '17
Same here. I noticed a dip in my user signups because their location is required to signup. Looks like I didn't notice for 1 whole month because Bings Map reached "end-of-life" for version 7 on 10/02/17 (see image attached). They moved to version 8. It's great that I can just switch to Google's Map though. 

I know developers hate this type of stuff.....lol. I am one too. Overall great plugin though, had no problems until this. Actually I think there might be 1 more issue and it's with Location working with "Hint" plugin, but I think it has to do with "Hint" plugin, not yours. When the location is added to the hint, other functions on the hint stop working like clicking "add friend".

  bingmap.png (65Kb)
Christopher Matchmaker
Yea Jojo, it took me only a day to figure out what was going on, i came from 20+ signups a day to 0 I was like something is going on... I did a test signup and noticed I could not put in the Location, And I seen that email with the screenshot you attached. I figured the Developer of the app would have updated it. Guess not. It does suck because Bing Maps is Nicer but over all it is a little slower with Bing.

jk Nov 26 '17

Hi guys

I added support bing maps api v8. Just update the plugin.

Christopher Matchmaker
You are Great JK, I would love to go back to Bing... Thank You Sir
Onur Nov 28 '17
i updated and not more working :(
yubing Dec 4 '17
Same problem with bing map.

It doesn't work suddenly.

yubing Dec 4 '17
++1 hurry 
Johnny Jan 8 '18
Any information about this last update?
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