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Google don't like my sites | Forum

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Outperformer 3000
Outperformer 3000 Nov 12 '17
I don't know, Google don't like me. My sites are in index, but they don't appear in results. I have a dating site, what can I write on first page? Novels? Other undersides I have to block for protect the users. Can't understand: in description two keywords, if I put them in google, my site don't appear, but after site 10, there will appear sites with only 1 of the keywords? That's not fair. Many say to me use this:

0xArt Advanced SEO

but last update was long time ago and then 49$?

Google also take my sites in index with "teilweise" in english: halfway, partially. The reason is Google himself? (see atachment).

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  Unbenanntxxxx.JPG (24Kb)
OW-Ghost Nov 12 '17
competion on word "dating" and many different styles are crazy huge today. you need find a word that nobody have pick already for marketing you site.

you not telling us what main keyword you use so it is hard to understand you issue

and do you have quality backlinks? corrct anchors,how old you site? and many many more importen things when it comes to SEO...the list is long!

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Onur Dec 2 '18
Google dont like oxwall seo. because it is already old seo
David Apr 22 '19
It is important that the google bot has full access to css and js files, because without them the indexer will not be able to understand the structure of the page. To check the availability of all service files, go to the Google Search Console, the “View as Googlebot” report in the “Scan” section. Check with the help of seo checker tool the main pages of the site, pay attention to the differences between the way your search engine sees your page and how users see it. Examine the table from the report. All resources that are hosted on your domain should be open for scanning.
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Wishes Dating
Wishes Dating Apr 22 '19


Nothing is for free!

Pay for PPC and set daily budget on Google Adwords with your keywords, ads description, landing page and location. Some locations are a waste of time though but up to you.

I tried and Google has brought me over 4500 members over time. If you want to increase your member database, pay. Its not cheap, my dating business with custom coding  and advertising/ accountancy fees  has cost over £15,000 and counting...


Best Wishes,


Outperformer 3000
Outperformer 3000 Aug 22 '19
Your site looks good. Skadate? Did you take fee or finance with ads?
Marcus Aug 22 '19
Paid members won't stick around for a long time period.... I'd rather invest that money into seo
Marcus Aug 22 '19
Oxwall has a way to add custom header data which could be anything like meta tags. Sure youd need a pluging
dave Leader
dave Aug 22 '19
Google no longer uses meta tags 
OW-Ghost Aug 22 '19
Outperformer 3000

I know about eveyrhting you talking about....because i run dating sites my self and it is the most hard and tuff branch you can pick this days.

Wishes Dating

You correct i figure this out to after 5 years now that adwords and facebook and bing advertising is the only way to success.

and you need spend HUGE money on this campaigns for stay at least on top 10 or 5 on google in the same dating nich you are running.

when someone come up with a new dating nich there is already after 1 or 2 months people that copy you and after 1 or 2 years there is 20 competioners.

If you can success in dating branch 2019 or 2020 with a new site you should bee a president for russia or usa because it is so hard success 

and do oxwall have this adowords tool you need....answer is no , not possible for track events that you need track for success with adowords

so it like spend money in the lake every day and try figure out how to become this big guys that been on internet for 20 years on same positions on google

DO never invest money in a dating site 2020 do something much easy more ...i not recommend dating nich year 2020 it is full and no more room for small business with small money in they pocket...ONLY recommend dating branch if you have big pockets with a lot of money and ready spend them on adwords and facebook campaigns if you lucky get facebook allow you advertising on they website

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