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Add Video whith button | Forum

Claudia Jeronimo
Claudia Jeronimo Dec 21 '17
Guys I need help for to customize the button ( ADD VIDEO) attach. Now have only add cod. embed
How I can to make this ?
dave Team
dave Jul 16 '18
Hi sorry for the really late reply, do you still need help with this and can you please be alittle more specific.

This should be moved to the custom coding section.  

Thanks :)

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sandeep Aug 8 '18
Hi Dave, yes it is still worth to know, how to uplaod a video directly to portal than embedding. My users want to share their videos in portal and share between friends that uploading in google and using the embedded code.
JB TECH Aug 8 '18

Oxwall has no native video uploading support. Their base-video plugin only supports video embed codes. This is primarily because a majority of people using base Oxwall wouldn't have the hosting/server space and processing to manage the upload, storage, and requests of native videos.

However, that does not mean people are without options. If you no your programming and the handling of video files, you can create your own plugin to add the functionality of video uploads. Or you can check out a plugin like Dave's video plugin.

It's important to remember you can't just add a simple button and have it do all the functionality. It's wise to read up some on PHP/Javascript, file processing, and the Oxwall plugin structure (check out the plugin skeleton.)

Good luck,


dave Team
dave Aug 8 '18
+1 jake.. 

When i had my site i just had two options on the menu (the base plugin and my plugin), EVideo and UVideo (E for embed and U for upload) and members didnt mind having two options.

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Mazhar Jun 13 '19
Hi claudia, did you find a solution for this issue? We are stuck with an issue something similar what you have listed.
Catkin Jun 16 '19

Hay Mazhar!

Could you provide some detail on what your trying to achieve/having issue's with? Providing some screenshots can help too!

If your wanting to change the style/theme of the button I can help with that!