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OXWALL IS DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Forum

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Liviu-Daniel Jan 10 '18
People come here, invest time and money in OxWall to build a website, then when they get to know the community better and they see hundreds of forum posts and requests with no answer they realize that OXWALL IS DEAD and they threw away time and money for nothing.

OxWall was never designed to help people, and NEVER to be free. They rip you off with plugins. OxWall was made to rip you off and you never get free help in this community.

OxWall is a lie.

OxWall is made by a team of noobs looking for money and that's it.
They found money elsewhere, they abbandoned OxWall leaving a lot of people with no support.

I bought a theme, was full of bugs! I reported them, developer bearly fixed a few of the problems, leaving still bugs in the theme unless I insist for him to fix them.

I think I spent more time on the theme CSS than the developer. He made it in a few days, sells it, but doesnt really look like a finished product, NOT premium. Has bugs.

This is what OxWall is about, being ripped of on a dead plaform.

Whenever you need help, urgent or whatever, nobody answer.

Spectaculous should remove OxWall from CPanel, OxWall is not supported, to be there. OxWall = ABBANDONED.

YOU BETTER DELETE EVERYTHING FROM OXWALL.ORG because people waste time with your stupid product withput knowing is DEAD. People realize this after spending time and money.


I found newsfeeds in database after I removed them as Admin from the website. They were not removed from the database! Cleaning posts, messages and removing old content from database will be impossible. At some point your database will get so big, and you have to clean it from PhpMyAdmin manually.

OxWall has a lot of problems, is not a finished product. They want to offer you basic functionality if you buy plugins, otherwise you can't delete "deleted newsfeeds" from database.

After almost 2 months of OxWall, I attach a few labels to its name:
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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Jan 10 '18

When you say they're right.

Personally I have been using OxWall for 3 years, but I have been fascinated by OxWall problems for the last 1 year. Plugin developers are not working. The promises are not fulfilled. None of the extensions do. They offer sales with a superficial design and structure. Developers need to finish their work immediately. A developer sells every conceivable idea as a plugin, but it does not complete the previous job. At the end of Oxwall's union with the latest skatdate, the entire team is missing.

Although I have very little knowledge, I am providing help for many add-ons' problems. But these problems will be deleted in the next update. Add-on owners do not do their own work. Very ridiculous ideas are making huge parale sales. People are being tricked into buying these ideas. Finally frustrated.

Shuan is incredibly productive on the moon and many of them are not available because their problems are not resolved.

If you have a particular idea and you are considering using OxWall. Contact web developers near you and request them.

Liviu-Daniel Jan 10 '18
Hiring a developer myself is very expensive. I came here thinking OxWall is free, but that is the biggest lie.

In this condition OxWall cannot support a big community, sooner or later it will crash because of the issues it has, missing features like cleaning old messages and posts, and there will be nobody to help you. You are on your own.

So investing money in OxWall is very dangerous, because you end up with a non-working website, a lot of time wasted and also money wasted. You build a community, website crashes and your members will be very dissapointed.

Is like having a good looking car, that when it breaks, there is nobody that can help you. And that's bad!
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Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Jan 10 '18
You are right for new people, but now I am doing my own extensions and theme myself. But sometimes I see other new ideas, and in some cases I only buy things for the sake of being an infrastructure. If you have a work in your hand you can get help to fix it. In a question, the desired work and the desired structure can not be obtained without the exemption, time, and money. I agree with you, but I have been open and working for 3 years. My wish fulfills the promises given. But I know there is no loss of OXWALL proprietors, and developers do not need to put more work on it that will shut down. But in this case they must fulfill the promises given and do not endanger the people they sell.
Lucas Feb 15 '18

I agree with you...3 years ago I lost a client because I have had a serious problem with Oxwall' scripts.

No answer and no support. We have to buy script without getting any support.

Now I have a problem with 1.8.4 and I asked for support but without having any answer.

I looking for another social network script .


Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Feb 15 '18

Hey, let's be fair;

I am using the latest version of the known OxWall and designed with the intent, 1.8.4 Version It works great. We can not easily count the problems and troubles in our conversations about people.

Oxwall is a great work outcome. Everyone who starts using version 1.8.4 of Oxwall. The technical forum from 1-10 years can be used smoothly with the help of the answer.

Apart from this a small part of 3 party developers are subject to very treacherous people. But developers are deceiving people and selling products that do not work for five dollars. The 3 party products are beautiful in appearance but are not for use and professional work. There are irrelevant results with the promised construction stage.

But OxWall 1.8.4 works with a great result, not to be injustice.

We offer love and minaret feelings to the OXWall Team Team.

rowling Feb 16 '18

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