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External Email!!! | Forum

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TonyKa Apr 20 '18

I have my site www.mysite.com its a dating site with oxwall... 

But i want the email to be on gapps (mx point to google).

When i receive incoming its fine! all go to google fine.

But when somebody fills the contact form, the mails go directly to my server mail. So i get them in the cpanel mail (when a mail is initiated from oxwal) as oxwall & the server things that the email is inside the server...

What i need to do to change this? so the server will know that he has to send the mail to info@mysite that is OUTSIDE?

Many thanks

OW-Ghost Apr 23 '18
there is a "contact plugin" in the store that solve this... https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/1051
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TonyKa Apr 24 '18
many thanks!!
TonyKa Apr 24 '18
its not doing this!!! i cant send to same domain email 

It still sends through the server.. i need to setup other email... rigt?

OW-Ghost Apr 24 '18
when i use smtp service and use the "standard contact page" then i was have issue email not go to my smtp server and it must been 3 years ago now and i was find this contact page plugin that solved that issue for me with smtp. 

i not sure how you setup the smtp or external email service, but for me everything working fine with that contact plugin and smtp

i thought you did have same problem as me but maybe you have other problems that i can not see from my PC


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TonyKa May 25 '18
Hi ghost


things work ok in mail .. fine 

and contact forms


i switch email to other provider

so now if you send to xxx@mysite it comes to other mailer... fine... i mean to other mail server..



if you use the contact form

the system THINKGS that the server is the same

so the INTERNAL forms (contact) go to the mailbox of SERVER!

is it clear?

many thanks