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Running into bugs since install - Emojis and Smileys | Forum

Kyle Willets
Kyle Willets May 6 '18

I bought your emoji plugin a couple days ago and running Oxwall 1.8.4. I am noticed some issues when using the smileys with a couple of my plugins.  These worked with the free smiley plugin which is the weird part. The issues happened after installing this plugin. I think it may be in regards to another plugin, but unsure.

Extended Questions: Comments work fine, but since install you cant add addition items to post. Like if you were going to add more poll options. It glitches our and just shows the code.

Catalog: The smiley shows up on right hand side centered in the details box. If you click it, it will put it in the title box and the one in the title box does not work.

When posting on the wall it will glitch out and sometimes not allow you to post.

I am wondering if this could be in relation to my plugin WYSIWYGEDITOR (Visual Editor) + HTML Pages, but unable to figure it out. I would like this to work with the current plugins I do have at least.

I emailed you guys as well from my gmail :) Wanted to edit this since I wrote it while at work and it was all jumbled.

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Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 7 '18
Hi Kyle Willets!

A new update is coming soon, I will address this issue too, thank you for reporting this issue.

Senior Developer.

Kyle Willets
Kyle Willets May 20 '18
So I uninstalled my editor and the emojis are doing the same thing. When you type in the details they are going in the title, etc. Also sometimes it will glitch and I get them to work in details and they glitch at the top of the box and you cant remove them. I can confirm this happens in all my sections that have a title and description. 
The Forum post is edited by Kyle Willets May 20 '18
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