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Move to OWengine? | Forum

John Jun 22 '18

Is it worthwhile moving our site to OWengine and upgrading to PHP7?

How easy is it to do?  Will our plugins (lots of them) continue to work, and our theme (Venus Responsive)?

What are people's experiences with changing over?

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Lee Jun 22 '18
It isn't mandatory to upgrade to php 7 - it's just capable of running php 7+

Its as easy as using ftp file transfer.  If you can run the plugins/themes under oxwall, you should be able to run them under owengine.

So far so good, they also have a forum over there where people are posting their experiences. 

Chris_W Jun 22 '18
I use the Venus+ theme on two sites and it works okay.
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Jun 22 '18
I have also converted to OWengine and am greatly surprised at how much faster my networks are running now. As a matter of fact, I drive many purchased plugins and have not had any problems with these with OWengine. My theme also works satisfactorily.

All information about upgrading or reinstalling is listed here: https://www.owengine.com/download

My networks:



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Chris_W Jun 22 '18
Have you not sorted your OWengine logo out yet.  The file I posted over there should fix it.

Quote from Ketil Ervik

My networks:



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Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Jun 23 '18
The discussion about the logo has moved to   


and is resolved

Thanks Chris for that.

dave Leader
dave Aug 14 '18
Owengine is dead now... so i would not suggest moving if at all. 
Chris_W Aug 15 '18

Quote from dave Owengine is dead now... so i would not suggest moving if at all. 

Where did you get that information from Dave? If it is dead, why is the site still up?
dave Leader
dave Aug 15 '18
OK i suppose dead may be a bit overkill, i guess stalled is a better term i should have used.  However dead does describe the activity there.  

IMO Owengine was started in the event that the oxwall site went dark.  Since that has not happened then i think they might have backed off alittle on their development. 

John Sep 7 '18
In reference to the above, I moved across to OWEngine, but given the lack of activity, I  ended up moving my site back to "mainstream" Oxwall, and will try Dave's workaround (in another forum topic) for PHP 7.1
OW_Ghost Sep 7 '18
Skadate is dead to for weeks...i was support them with money and not a word from them in soon 2 weeks from the date that they promise install the new PWA apps on my site. 
AppXprt Sep 7 '18

I can do PWA on anything now, piece of cake...

You don't even truly need it as a plugin if you know what you're doing ;-)

Let me know if you want me to take care of it for you!

I now have the worlds first dynamic client caching service worker

Might be the worlds most advanced service worker thus far

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OW_Ghost Sep 8 '18
Is it possible use this PWA in Google Playstore and Apple store ?

It would bee a complete package and cover all importen search engines

Oxwall do not have such complete package yet, same as skadate have.

PWA is great the only bad is that you will not covers this 2 stores (search engines)

As a business i want bee visible on all bigger search engines ,i hope you understand.....you have taken a huge step to the mobile world for oxwall...but there is still 2 stores (search engines) that missing for have a complete oxwall business....

sounds maybe i never happy but i want visible everywhere in this world :)


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AppXprt Sep 8 '18
It's not possible to get a PWA in ANY app store, EVER.

Apple probably hates PWA by the way..

What you CAN do is have your PWA point and encourage downloading your app from the store.

You can have your PWA alert your users that there is an app available in the store (if you have one).

The whole point of having and using PWA is so you don't have to have apps in the app stores, but there is absolutely no way to actually get your PWA in ANY app store. You'll need a native or hybrid app for that in every and all cases.
AppXprt Sep 8 '18
Skadate can't get you in any app store. It's fairly easy to provide PWA functionality, but you need Java, C++, or Cordova to be in app store, not to mention a developer account which is $25 one time for play store or $100 per year for Apple I think.
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JB TECH Sep 8 '18

PWA does not go into app stores, apps do (as in native, PWA utilizes the phone's web framework or native browsing activity).

Skadate has mobile apps as part of their plans and do publish you for them, but they're not the best and lack in functionality.

OW_Ghost Sep 10 '18
Okey so there will never bee any full mobile solution for oxwall to coming....actually owengine was talk they will release new native apps for oxwall this december ...but i think it will never happens

i did not say PWA is working in app store i was just thinking maybe if you have a fully working PWA is maybe more easy develop a hybrid app...that what i was thinking...some advantage from have a fully pwa app working when develop a hybrid app or native app

AppXprt Sep 14 '18
There are some similarities in developing Hybrid Apps and PWA, for instance both use a manifest and are capable of utilizing service workers for things like web push notifications.

Almost done with PWA Pro, Advanced is complete but wait to release both at same time
AppXprt Sep 14 '18
OW-Ghost, if you want PWA or a Hybrid App solution, I'm sure we can help you over at OxAmerica! We might even be able to give you a discount for being our first contract!
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AppXprt Sep 16 '18
OW-Ghost: I'm pretty sure I could provide a plugin that could create a full hybrid app with Cordova eventually.

I'm thinking about it after the PWA stuff is complete.

This would be an Expensive plugin though. We're talking $250 for a cross platform hybrid app ready for all mobile stores.

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