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what this plugin is about - Meutiv Base System | Forum

Cesar Leiva
Cesar Leiva Aug 31 '18
what this plugin is about and what it serves the purpose
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Aug 31 '18
I also want to know, not enough information on it although it has a heavy price tag 
Onur Aug 31 '18
demo site no working
EWT Global Solutions
Hello, this plugin is not for sale, hence the heavy price tag.
The Forum post is edited by EWT Global Solutions Nov 1 '19
OW-Ghost Sep 1 '18
why have a plugin in a "store" if not for sell? this store is not a marketing place for marketing you business? it is a store for "buy" or "donwload" free plugins that working fully on you oxwall platform. not for marketing you business or brand or url ?

 i not like this at all ......is it a store 

the business based in this very trusted countrys




this countrys suck out money and scam people on money everyrday on internet specially on freelancer.com

my trust to hire someone from this countrys are 0% but this is my opinion and you other can have you own opinion about this. they can only blame them self for have such bad reputation on internet 

I feel there is something wrong about this project or plugin or what ever it is ??? Marketing trick ??

lol ....i thought i was seen everything in this store already....


The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Sep 1 '18
EWT Global Solutions
 - It can't be scam because is not for sale on the store.

 - It's not marketing, it doesn't contain any link or info.

 - Everybody on the EWT GS team has been actively developing on Oxwall for more than 5yrs.

 - This is a custom base plugin (designed for a specific project) not made for sale (at least, not to everybody) for now. If the situation changes, we will update the plugin and info.

 - The plugin is on the store make update available to the owners.

Please ignore.

Kindly regards,

Ebenezer Obasi

OW-Ghost Sep 1 '18

Hello Ebenezer !

- you sale on your website that you link to and you brand visible everywhere on this plugin store

- i contain you "brand" your profile is full of links how to buy you different services

- show up like some ghost team from Ghana,India and Nigeria in a plugin store and not sell any plugin or make some plugin for free download like everyrone else do in this store? i very confused and other peoples to (not a good start for your business)

- if you not sell anything or have something to download then not publish it in the store. why publish something that not finished? why so hurry? need sponsors?

Please delete and upload when finished. if everyone do same as you do the store would bee a mess with unfinished plugins

i feel this is a service sell you offer not a plugin and when it is a finished plugin then post it 

i have try buy you service one time and i have nothing good to say about your service. 

1. you respond almost never when talk to you on skype

2. you have no latest skadate enviroment to work on. you use the old skadate apps and old software

3. you have not respond to me in 1 year

the only good about you as developer that respond to this is that you support you plugins and you create good plugins and i respect you for that very much

but you service that you sell is the worst ever. i was close it down because i was never get respond plus that i need to send my entire skadate software for get any help.( i did never do that because i not give away my license and software that easy and i think against skadate rules to do so) maybe some other lucky more but the service i was try buy from this developer that ignored me for long time is very bad. if he not like you he will ignore you that what i have seen...i did like him from start but he was very slowly reply and was make me stop use his service totally. there is no point have chat conversation with someone that reply you one time in 1 week and later not reply you in 1 year.

Anyways what is the hurry for post something that not finished with price 999 usd? why not post when finished? I think many of us think the same ....

there is no rules thats says you can not marketing you own service in you profile but then have something to sell or download or wait to you have

The last i was read on you plugin store .you "offer" this plugin or service to only "SOME" people is it allowed to do so? must bee rules against such behavor

or du i need bee from Nigeria to buy this plugin?

Kindly regards


The Forum post is edited by OW-Ghost Sep 1 '18
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