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Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Someone good experiences with Skalfa LLC and especially their plugin "Video Instant Messenger".?

Does anyone have this plugin working on the webite.?

Is Skalfa LLC still active here at Oxwall, we think that it is 1 organization.?

We want to purchase this plugin, but do not read such good experiences while they recently updated this plugin and put it back in the store.

Sypa CC (Creative Fertile)
If you want to test the plugin please send me an email. We have a complete Skalfa website running in test mode which is not officially online. There is also "Video Instant Messenger" running. You can test it before we go online ;)
OW-Ghost Oct 2 '18
Yes i tested this plugin and it was ping my site alot and make mys site very slow loading with many members online at the same time, plus you can not use it on you skadate mobile apps (half of you business)

so if you use it only at desktop version you will get many angry people asking why they can not send video to you app members?

so now this plugin i would not recommend i have uninstall it for more then 1 year now

and one more thing....you ask if there is great support? there was good support but no longer....i do not know what happen wit this ghost team.....its look they tired talk with customers and not have the spirit to help anymore

at least they could tell what they updates includes but they give a shit to tell what they new updates includes? very profesional to do like that

i did send a ticket try ask them what they new update was about but no answer

good luck with you skadate software and plugins....

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Wishes Dating
Wishes Dating Oct 31 '18


It works on my dating site, desk top and mobile site, cheers.

OW-Ghost Oct 31 '18
Wishes Dating it not works on skadate hybrid mobile apps. you are talking about mobile site.

but great news from skadate, soon in some months or week this plugin will support they mobile apps fully :)

And they latest upgrade of this plugin was made because now it is support safari browser :)

So 2 new great news about this plugin

only one issue left and i not sure if they can fix it

it slows down your website ALOT . it pings the site to much !

ohh and i forget to say ...it looks like they great support is back again :)

3 of 4 issues fixed that is great!

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Karsten poerz
Karsten poerz Jan 13
kennt jemand noch ein plugin  für ein moderationstool  weil wir haben es den fake chat für 199 doller gekauft aber bekommen kein plugin zur verfügung gestellt meldet sich auch keiner  von Skalfa LLC 
OW-Ghost Jan 14

Quote from Karsten poerz kennt jemand noch ein plugin  für ein moderationstool  weil wir haben es den fake chat für 199 doller gekauft aber bekommen kein plugin zur verfügung gestellt meldet sich auch keiner  von Skalfa LLC 
English language please, many not understand what you speaking right now?
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
If you have purchased a Skalfa plugin I recommend that you send a message through its website: 

https://skalfa.com/contact As you will see there, on its website, it does many projects but OxWall does not seem to interest you much ....Nor is it mentioned.In his profile here he still announces http://wall.fm/ that he has not been there for many years, and I don't remember reading anything of his in the forum, so I think that he does not enter here and he will not read you.On the other hand, what kind of things do you want to moderate? Supervise new members, locate people with multiple profiles, abuse of private messages for spam ...?

Quote from Karsten poerzdoes anyone know a plugin for a moderation tool because we bought the fake chat for 199 dollars but did not get a plugin provided, no one reports from Skalfa LLC 

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OW-Ghost Jan 20
there is a plugin fix for this slow down main page issue that i have and working great.

i do not know if skadate interested add it but i use it for long time and work perfect

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ilkok social network
you can test it on my website. i have this plugin and it is active. ilkok social network.
OW-Ghost Feb 9
the plugin is working great. i not need test it , i already test it 100 times and more