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Had to move hosts now I get errors :( | Forum

Alan Nov 5 '18
So I've had to move hosts but now I get errors :( Could somebody please take a look for me and explain what needs doing to fix the error please? I prefer to host myself but it's not even loading it up for me so I have no choice but to use other hosts :(


AppXprt Nov 5 '18
Looks like a smarty template error:

Syntax error in template "file:/storage/ssd5/438/7682438/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/views/components/sign_in.html" on line 3 "{form name='sign-in'}" unknown tag "form"

I think you have some missing or corrupt files...

What do you have for lines 101 and 108 in the following file:


Alan Nov 6 '18
Probably corrupt then :/ Looks like I'll have to redownload from the host lol thank you :)
AppXprt Nov 7 '18
Do you have access to SSH?
Alan Nov 8 '18
I have no idea lol, I really wanted to host it locally like I do with everything else except I can't even get Oxwall to load up :/

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Alan Nov 14 '18
So I gave up doing it with just php 7 and mysql whatever version it was and thought I'd check out ampps which is great except I'm not sure about the FTP part :/ It tells me invalid ftp attributes >.< Note I am still using it localhost so I'm hosting it on my PC just not sure about the FTP stuff lol
AppXprt Nov 18 '18
When you setup Oxwall on a local server without being tied to a domain, you need to still set your httpd conf for the domain..

Then on the client you want to access the install on (can be the same machine) you'll need to edit it's host file to associate that domain with the localhost AKA Loopback (

So on Linux (All I use) and Apple, the file is /etc/hosts: your-domain-name-goes-here.com

Linux users, I leave to you on how to edit this file as you're more than capable!

Apple Users may need some help:

Edit Hosts File on MAC

On Windows the file is at:


You'll need to edit that file with an Elevated Notepad process (Right click Notepad icon -> Run as Administrator)..

Hosts files take precedence over DNS so this is an effective way to attach the domain to your localhost for test / dev setups...

You'll also want to make sure the appropriate Apache modules are enabled like mb-string and rewrite..

I have a working Oxwall installs on PHP 7, even with mysqli disabled...

There are minimal changes needed to get it working actually...

I also have been successful with deploying local installs like you're doing, so it is possible and these are the keys you're missing...

Oxwall needs a domain to rewrite when client makes request ;-)

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