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Had to move hosts now I get errors :( | Forum

Alan Nov 5
So I've had to move hosts but now I get errors :( Could somebody please take a look for me and explain what needs doing to fix the error please? I prefer to host myself but it's not even loading it up for me so I have no choice but to use other hosts :(


ViXiV Technologies
Looks like a smarty template error:

Syntax error in template "file:/storage/ssd5/438/7682438/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/views/components/sign_in.html" on line 3 "{form name='sign-in'}" unknown tag "form"

I think you have some missing or corrupt files...

What do you have for lines 101 and 108 in the following file:


Alan Nov 6
Probably corrupt then :/ Looks like I'll have to redownload from the host lol thank you :)
ViXiV Technologies
Do you have access to SSH?
Alan Nov 8
I have no idea lol, I really wanted to host it locally like I do with everything else except I can't even get Oxwall to load up :/

The Forum post is edited by Alan Nov 8
Alan Yesterday, 12:55PM
So I gave up doing it with just php 7 and mysql whatever version it was and thought I'd check out ampps which is great except I'm not sure about the FTP part :/ It tells me invalid ftp attributes >.< Note I am still using it localhost so I'm hosting it on my PC just not sure about the FTP stuff lol