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500 error. I made no changes. /ow_libraries/browser/browser.php on line 226 | Forum

Blaire Nov 10 '18
I accessed my site this evening and see a 500 blank white page error.
I had made no changes at all. I am confused.
Even when turning debug on it does not provide me details. Just blank white, generic 500 page.
Checked PHP version. Still 5.6. That was okay before.

I don't understand why this error would randomly come?

I pulled error_log and see many, many, many lines repeating over and over for hours while I was sleeping:

[10-Nov-2018 03:18:25 America/Chicago] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot access  property CSBrowser::$_agent in /home/sitename/public_html/ow_libraries/browser/browser.php on line 226

Pulled ow_libraries/browser/browser.php
It's just a part of commented out notes from the writer. It should not matter?

I am so, so confused and stupidly in tears at this point. I don't know what I'm doing wrong any more, but everything is so wrong. I am not good with Oxwall software, I don't know what to do any more.

Does anyone know what might have happened and how I can fix it, please?
I can't pay troubleshooting fees upfront I'm sorry, I've had yet another death in my family a couple of weeks back and we're struggling. I can agree to payment plans if necessary. I just need help. I am very lost, confused, upset, I don't know. I am just in need of help. Please.
The Forum post is edited by Blaire Nov 10 '18
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Nov 10 '18
Hi Blaire!

Error 500 is inadmissible, lets fix it, send me your website details, I can help.

I went to your website (or at least I think that was the one) and I see everything working. Did you fix it?

Senior Developer.