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ViXiV Technologies
I like to make admin plugins / utilities / features so what are we missing in this area?

I may build some other types of plugins and possibly some themes, but I would like to build as many admin utilities as possible first...

Before releasing my plugins, I test every one extensively on 3 or 4 of my own sites and I use a version of each and every one on ALL of them long term.

Any Ideas? 

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OW-Ghost Feb 22
Add some admin plugin that on auto clear old database data.

This can bee complex because you may want to save new data but delete old in the same table. 

But some table you want empty completly

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ViXiV Technologies
Yes Ghost... Feed me More... LoL
OW-Ghost Feb 22
As Admin i need know if they use my PWA for sign up or my Android app or my IOS app or my Desktop site to sign up. and a nice staistic page and graph for this 4 platforms that you can see what paltforms that have most sign ups everyday and every month and every year statistik pages

addon plus feature... add a small icon near username that show what platform that sign in with right now

can bee complex because i use skadate mobile apps

and now i talking NEW member sign up everyday . not members that already sign up

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OW-Ghost Feb 22
i have 2 more coming soon.....
ViXiV Technologies
Great, me or someone will get them done I bet ;-)
FB Mar 13
Hi Vixiv,

In my old Skadate website I fine tuned my admin pages with several custom mods that I will need to add as a plugins to the last Skadate X. If you are interested I can email you the details, but some of them were:

- Ability to track last IP additionally to the sign ip- Ability to log off specific online users

- Ability by the admin to add notes to each user (about billing, warnings, fights between users, suspicious behaviors, ...)

- Ability to suspend temporally one user for N days

- ... and others

FB Mar 13
I forgot my most missed plugin: "A plugin to rule them all"!!!

I'm realizing that with this plugin architecture most of us have a few dozens of plugins, if not 50 of them, and it's a real nightmare to find one to adjust its settings. I would love a plugin that allowed:

1) define categories (optionally, define their order)

2) assign each plugin to (at least) one category

3) allow to activate/deactivate all the plugins inside a category.

4) replace the "Plugin Installed" and "Plugin Available" pages with other ones that show the plugins grouped by category, inside each category sorted alphabetically:

Plugins Installed ==================

[Admin] -----------------------------------------

- plugin a1

- plugin a2

- plugin a3

[Membership] -----------------------------------------

- plugin m1

- plugin m2

[Photos & Avatars] -----------------------------------------

- plugin p1

- plugin p2

- plugin a1

- plugin a2

[Role Limitations] -----------------------------------------

- plugin r1

- plugin r2

[GUI] -----------------------------------------

- plugin g1

- plugin g2

- plugin g3

 ================== ==================

ViXiV Technologies
Great info, I'll work on some of these as soon as I finish OxIOS and OxHybrid iOS!
FB Mar 14
Vixiv, how long do you think it would take to "finish" the OxIOS and OxHybrid iOS?

I've seen your offer (https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/64019) and maybe we can find a way to merge the goals of these two threads. As I told you I need some admin plugins, so maybe I can define the specs and you can code it to a sell-able plugin?

If you are interested we can continue talking, maybe better by email?

OW-Ghost Mar 14
One more admin feature

- When delete a user a "email" will send to them on auto with a reason why admin delete the profile or many  profiles at ones

- you can set the auto email OFF or ON in plugin settings

- When it is set ON it is only work for Admin and Moderators roles and ignores other roles that delete they profiles.

(possible translate the email message in different languages in the languages keys)

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ViXiV Technologies
I just got an iOS 12 Device yesterday and can finish development. So if I really work hard at it this weekend, I think by next week they could be completed. I'll try, but I'm trying to sell some things to pay some stuff and be able to focus on coding...