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NYC Dating | Forum

AppXprt Mar 14

I run NYC Dating for Android and will be on iOS very soon:

NYC Dating App linked to NYC Dating Site

I am now inviting Developers, Admins, Moderators and Team Members to be a part of something that is rapidly growing...

I get DAILY installs which lead to full registrations thanks to the Play Store exposure and would just like to share some notes with our community...

Installs seem to start increasing after 100-200 installs and once you Officially reach the 500 install badge, it starts to rapidly increase.

The more installs you get the quicker you will get them and this becomes directly proportional to your ratings and reviews.

So, to start out, you need to acquire some installs coupled with high ratings/reviews by yourself, through friends and through your site.

The more you get the better, but then you literally have to either wait for natural growth or spend some money on install conversions in Google Adwords.

A Major impact on natural growth is Brand, for instance NYC Dating used to be called Taste and was targeting San Francisco. It did absolutely nothing when it was targeting SF for whatever reason so one day I just randomly decided to target a different Niche when I realized how easy it was to technically change the "App Name" in the Play store.

This lead to an immediate change in installs and eventually got me to an average of multiple user registrations per day with the minimum amount being at least 1 per day.

The point is don't be afraid to re-brand and re-target if your current target demographic hasn't been successful.

Attached Screenshot after re-brand / re-target is Entirely Natural Growth after initial ratings.

That's Just My Two Centz...

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OW-Ghost Mar 15
i reach over 100.000 installs the past 3-4 years. but the daily "sign up" is not growing very much ...

it is very hard get 5 stars reviews because people this days are want have EVERYTHING and just push ONE button. if they not get EVERYTHING in 2 minuts they are leave and never come back

dating is very hard to grow....many have lower the prices and now are totally free with just advertising ....if you start make things for they upgrade they will get upset like small child and never come back....

trust me i know soon everything about this dating industry that i try success in soon 5 years

with all this said i try follow the stream and follow my competioners as much i can and i need to STAND OUT for survive and give free things to people that joins....

i regret i did involve my self in the dating industry

you are on right track my friend....to success you need target android and apple store FIRST then later if you see some success buy all you fancy plugin for you desktop software but that platform is not priority number one....so sometimes i ask my self why i buy so many plugins that only support one desktop... it is very stupid investment for someone that target the dating industry...

i think they who success are they who BUY fake traffic and fake reviews and fake installs and fake keyword installs .....you can do that and acctually success but i feel it is take a big risk for someone like me that build up my brand for 5 years and i not ready take any risk but i thinking many times i should do but never do

if someone buy service like this and can share your experience about this then i would bee happy


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OW-Ghost Mar 15
A free ASO advice for you if want to grow:

1. add promo video

2. add fancy screen shots 

3. add more description for you android app for rank higher in more keywords

OW-Ghost Mar 15
right now i working on promo video for my apps......i will tell you how much more traffic i will get when it is finished

today i was remove country "india" from download my apps and access my site because they never pay and did only complaint so i dicided target only rich countrys ....

BUT this poor countrys are bring traffic and you get money from you ads BUT you will recieve bad reviews and the girls in my site do not like this india man that send them 1000 messages and acting like they are rich and handsome :) and something more with india man i notice they 98% alwaus have sunglasses in they profile photos and my site is not for dating sunglasses it is for see the face include the eyes  ....and worse more is when they have a hat to ...hat and sunglasses i get so tired see this avatars in 5 years so nw i decide India is not a country i will include in my future business. and there is some other arabian countrys to that i blocked and africa countrys....no i not rasist but they are not gentleman and uselly do not know how to behave them self for a girl..

i have so much to say about dating industry but i will stopp here for now

how many competioners do you have in NYC ? 5 or 10 ?

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AppXprt Apr 3
This now also includes an invitation to AppXprt