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category "dating"? - Member ads | Forum

OW-Ghost Mar 21 '19
what have this plugin to do with category "dating"?"

anyways wish you good luck with you sells on your first plugin in the store :)

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 21 '19

This plugin serves for any type of theme.

On the demo website, I have placed advertisements for cars, houses and some of OxWall's plugins.

In my website (of transvestites) it is bursting with advertisements every day, that's why other plugins that are available for sale here are not useful because they are not designed to present ads by geographical zones or by labels, and a list of all ordered by date (which also exists), is not useful if there are many each day.

I have also taken into account that the images are physically deleted when the ads are deleted

I'm already working on an update with some improvements especially at the level of presentation of ads with many photos.

Thank you for your good wishes.

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Igor Ilic
Igor Ilic Mar 22 '19

This is plugin have great potential. It is perfet idea to add location in ads. But I think that this plugin will be perfect for dating sites if you add few levels of groups/categoriy that admin can add/edit. For example master group/category:

She seeks

He seeks

They seek


and subcategory for example:

for group/category She seeks:

Her seeking her

Her seeking him

Her seeking them

for group/category He seeks:

Him seeking her

Him seeking him

Him seeking them

for group/category They seek:

Them seeking her

Them seeking him

Them seeking them

for group/category Other:




Also in ad need to be a link to respond to this ad that open message to this member with subject "Reply to advertisement" + ad title and eventually with link to ad in message body.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Mar 22 '19

Thanks for your comment, Igor Ilic

It is not difficult to add "categories" and have an ad module for each one.

I see two disadvantages:

1-The users publish them badly classified and that gives the administrator work to move them.

2-It is very sad to be entering sections and there is nothing for you in them, I tried to run away from that.

Has not happened to you with some online stores? cars -> parts -> brand -> Ford -> model T -> I'm sorry, there's nothing.

Add a button to send a private message if it seems a good suggestion, especially for paid members. Free, take more steps: go to the profile and send from there.

I will add a setting so that the admin can activate this or not for free users.

Marius Nov 17 '19

@Patricia Zorrilla Bcn,

New idea , add shop .

User select :  ads or shop. For shop / store  - option pay with PayPal.  

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Nov 17 '19

I prefer to make a complete store, apart.

With your shopping cart, prices, handling and shipping costs and all that. Perhaps I base myself on Aron's works, that although they were very bungling their ideas were good.

This plugin -Member Ads- is very complex to add prices, payment methods and all that. It is designed for users to announce what they want and agree with each other.

On my website they are very successful, there are many ads every day.

Hardly any copies are sold, so I will update with better graphics.

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