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Questions - Affiliate For Credits | Forum

Matthias Apr 9 '19

Hi Senior Developer, thanks for your work on this, I really think this can be a great tool to grow and monetize a userbase!

I am testing this right now and came up with the following questions (which other users might have too):

1) Reward

Right now, it is only possible to reward affiliate users for new registrations or if the new user spends. Only one possibility.

Would it be possible to reward both, meaning a reward for registering new users and a separate reward if the new user also spends money?

2) Credits for registration

I cannot find the setting to determine how much credits the affiliate gets for a new registration? I can see it is set to 100 Credits for each new registration now, but where can I adjust this number?

3) "Minimum spend to earn credits"

What is this "spend" amount (e.g. "20") exactly? Is this 20 Credits or 20 Dollars/Euros?

If it means "Credits" - Does the referral account get his reward when the new user purchases the credits or when he actually spends the credits?

4) Membership plugin

As I can see, this works with credits. So if a new referred user buys a membership, the affiliate will not get a reward (at least I think so). Do you plan to add membership-levels to this plugin too?

5) Help - Tab

Clicking the help tab leads to an error page.

Once again, great plugin!


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Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Apr 9 '19
Hi Matthias!

Thank you for buying my plugin and supporting my work, here are the answers:

1- This version you can choose only one. You will be able to choose both if you want in next version. I made this way to maximize earnings for the website, so if they want more coins they need to refer more people. I will add more options and the admin will be able to select all options at the same time if it's needed.

2- You have to go to USER CREDITS plugin's settings (admin/plugins/user-credits) and set the field "Affiliate user" to the amount of credits you want the user to receive.

3- Minimum Spend is a number in the CURRENCY that your website is configured in admin menu SETTINGS ->  GENERAL(admin/settings). If your currency is in USD then this field is USD too. The default value when you installed it was 20, this means the referral must spend 20USD so the referrer gets the commission in coins. This field only works if you did set earn credits "When referral's minimum spend is reached". 

Lets say you change this field for 50, but your prices are lower, the program sums all the money he did spend previously and if the sum of all his spend is over 50 USD the program adds the commission to the referrer.

Example: 10 USD in credits + 40 in anual VIP membership. The program sums both and if the sum is equal or over 50 usd, a  COINS commission is added to the referrer.

4- Any money that he spend in your website is is tracked and if he spends at least the minimum amount in your website the referrer gets the COINS commission. This plugin works if the user spends buying credits or buys an upgraded membership or buys publicity or buys some product, if the user spend real money on ANYTHING and reaches the minimum spend, the referrer gets the COINS commission.

5- Thank you for the heads up, I will fix it ASAP.

If you have any other question please feel free to ask anything.

Thank you.

Senior Developer.

Matthias Apr 10 '19

Hi Senior Developer,

thank you for explaining. I love the idea behind the "has to spend on anything to get reward" since this makes this system very flexible.

Thank you for updating this plugin with new ideas too. This can be a very powerful tool and I cant wait to put this on my live-server :)

Keep up the good work!


FB Apr 10 '19
Hi Senior Developer,

Thanks for the answers, my only unsolved doubt: Some users have asked me this affiliate feature, but we don't use credits, so sometimes I thank users with free "VIP days". 

Could you upgrade this plugin to pay with "membership days". For example, I set the ratio of "1 USD spent by referrer" = "1 VIP day earned by referral", and when the referrer buys a $29 membership the referral membership is extended for 29 days. Although I could work also with the money spend threshold and a fixed number of membership days added to the referral account.

(It will also need the Membership plugin as the current one needs the Credit plugin)

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen May 10 '19
How do members sign up for this?
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 10 '19
There is a new widget, when the user has not signed up to the program they see this:


And a floatbox displays the terms of the program. They need to read and accept terms of the program to join in and get your url or referral code.

Senior Developer.

Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 10 '19
Feature for Earn membership days may be added in next update.

Senior Developer.

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen May 10 '19
Sorry I must have done something wrong  I am not seeing that I have installed the plugin.  on skadate site   www.adventistdating.com.

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen May 10 '19
OK  now I see it

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen May 10 '19
Does this show up on the apps?  or only browser based?
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 10 '19
Web Browser and hybrid apps only. I doesn't work on native apps yet.
Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen May 12 '19
the hybrid that is the PWA app the comes with Skadate?
Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen May 12 '19
The help link comes up with an error.


lindu Oct 21 '19

i want to ask, 

1. verified user can become affiliate/referral. ? how to do this, and how to cek account point.

2. for payment, we use manual payment. not paypal payment. can we do this. 


Lindu Cipta

Pedro Corado
Pedro Corado Oct 30 '19
Hi there!

This plugin can be used only for counting new registrations, without a credit system?


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