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Photo upload wierd? | Forum

Marcus May 13

Uploading avatar or photo from any ip address cases no issue except from my own why?

Trying to upload being connected to my router keeps forever what seems to be the problem?

I can login no problem!

Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

It seems a security problem. Test to see if there are differences between loading an image from http: // and https: //

and try other websites or applications, to know if it's a problem with your OxWall configuration or your browser's security.

Marcus May 13

Thanks for your reply. Also the site is super fast on guests and really slow on logged in users not sure what makes it slow down that much!

I was on php 5.4 and everything was OK. But since godaddy retired 5.4 and forcefully upgraded everybody to 5.6 photo upload takes a long time any ideas why?

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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

I do not think that by changing from PHP 5.4 to 5.6 there will be more slowness in the system.

On my server I can change the PHP version to my liking and I do not observe differences in speed. If I see that from 7.0 there are many plugins that work badly.

Most likely there is a plugin that is slowing down the system, there are some really painful that I have on my blacklist but I do not want to post negative notes that discourage developers, so I do not comment any, only by private developers and normally they do not answer me.

If you tell me what plugins you have installed I compare your list with mine to see if we clarify something.

I guess you will not have the web in "DEBUG mode", right?


because that does make it work VERY slow.

Marcus May 13
Thanks again for your support. Nope debug mode is off. I will PM you the list of my plugins.
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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

These plugins are all very good and neither makes absurd queries to the database nor are waiting for results to external websites, as I said it must be a server problem that does not have sufficient power or does not have the appropriate caches. Ask your web hosting provider to do an analysis of the consumption of resources, they have tools and solutions for this that are beyond our reach.

I do not know much about server configurations, but I can see if stupid repeated queries are made to the data bse or if your website is waiting for results from another ... and this is not your problem.

Marcus May 14

@Patricia Zorrilla Bcn thanks so much. The wierd thing is that the site is very fast on guests but as soon as you login it slows down grammatically why not sure.

The server can 4cpus and 4gb ram not the issue!

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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

You should discuss it with your server, they have tools to see if memory is missing, or CPU.

It happened to me in 2013, when I started with OxWall, and they installed "FastPHP" on the server.

It worked faster but not enough.

Then they installed another different cache, I do not know, but it's going very well.

These caches are installed on the server, as clients we do not have access to those configurations ... Let's look at it, that's what it pays for.

I can not think of anything else to look

Marcus May 14

Thank you so much for your support. The site was running fine on php5.4 Godaddy but then one day I started getting 503 errors un-sufficient space. They told me to toggle PHP and to my surprise I noticed they got rid of PHP5.4 and forcefully upgraded me to php5.6. The issue is there just can figure where case when I contact support they run tests as a guest and that's where the site has no issues loads fast so they assume there is no issue.

To me it looks like slow session!

You wouldn't happen to know how to limit photo uploads at once? I mean user can upload 10 or 20 or as many as they want at once i'd like to only allow one!

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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

To limit the number of photos that are uploaded to an album, you should modify the photo plugin, and for newsfeed it is newsfeed that should be modified.

I have installed a plugin that limits the maximum number of photos that a member can have, but if you let them upload them all at once.

But I have another installed that those who upload to newsfeed the copy in one of their albums ... and does not respect that limit because it is another plugin and they are not understood.

I need both because there are members who upload hundreds of photos and others who only upload them to the wall because they do not know.

It's a mess with so much plugin, tell me which of the two upload methods you want to limit and I look at whether it's easy or difficult.

Make a plugin with installer, uninstaller, settings panel, with functions in "user roles" and texts in the language file costs a few days of development and testing.

But a fixed limit in a single language in a single plugin with a warning is a matter of one hour. 

Exclusive May 14
7.2 is Amazingly FAST by the way and a lot of the plugins can be fixed easily...
Patricia Zorrilla Bcn
AppXprt, hero you have to fix the plugins before recommending people to install PHP 7.2.

The problem is that they are plugins with author and you can not modify their plugins and put them in the store, neither for free nor for payment.

Maybe you can make a tool with this


to scan a complete installation of OxWall and point out all the incompatibilities.

But this topic is about something else, please respect the topics of the forums

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Marcus May 15
Thanks again. Any idea what could should I edit?
Senior Developer Leader
The issue is the newsfeed and mailbox, both plugins slow down the entire website for registered users when you have lots of users, this topic has been discussed before. You can do a test deactivating both plugins and load the website again, if website loads faster then that's the issue, if not, then it may be something else.

I'm working on alternatives for both plugins and it will be ready in a month.

Senior Developer.

Marcus May 15
That would be great. Case on newsfeed i get like 200+ requests and if some goes wrong you could end up with bunch of running php prossesses which will case all kinds of issues. If you got the solution to this issue im the firs one to buy it. Just make sure its git no bugs. Olso please make it avalible fir 1.8.0 version!!!!

Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

I do not know what version was from OxWall, but a cache was included in the "Messages" plugin that works very well.

There were thousands of complaints about the speed of this plugin in this forum.

Maybe I should update only this add-on.

The last one that there is in GitHub (version 10850), which is the one that Skadate uses, I do not like it and you also have to change some details to work with OxWall version 1.80, but the previous one (version 10800) is very good.

Please tell me what version you are using of this plugin, that puts it in the file ow_plugins / mailbox / plugin.xml and I'll see if it includes this cache.

Oxwall Germany Club
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Marcus May 15
Dont think its the pligin case i disabled them and its still the same. However when i put the site in maintanance mode it works fine fast. Again on guests works fast the problem is with logged in users. 

I still beliave there is something wrong with the session that causes the slownes.

How can i log everybody off? Just to test the hanch that i got.

P.S. Im running 1.8.0 version i had to apply some patches to make it work with SSL maybe i miss some patch?

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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

It can not be that. SSL has nothing to do with speed, it only allows or blocks access.

I can not think of any more ideas so you can check your, I'm sorry.

I should be able to log in as an administrator and the server control panel to see if I find out what happens.

Marcus May 16
I really appreciate everything you have done! Any idea how i can log everybody out?