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Who uses user credits plugin | Forum

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Michael Nov 1 '12
Who uses the user credits plugin?

I just purchased it for $20 and the problem I am facing is the credit block/widget doesnt display. Can anyone kindly assist.

I have pm'd the seller and left a response on there support forum for the plugin.

I would greatly appreciate any help, thank you.
Adam Nov 1 '12
go to admin once you installed go to installed plugins go to the credits plugin and click settings
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Try adding some credit packs first.
Michael Nov 2 '12
I have added credit packs, it has also added "credits" to the quick links section on the dashboard but there is no widget. I have gone to admin section and customised dashboard and user profile but the widget isnt listed. I have also gone to the main site and customised the main feed but again there is no widget.

The plugin works as I have also installed "hot list" which is integrated with the user credits plugin but the widget/block doesnt appear and does look pretty useful.

Mikkel Mar 8 '13

I have the same problem, it simply wont show on members site.. I can see it on my profile settings, i have 5 credits.

There is no option in the settings menu whatsoever..

Iam feeling a little annoyes with all this credit thins i buyed. First i bought the lottery that dosent work, and now this.. Its like throwing money in the garbage..


Another question is it possible to get a refund if ppl dont get it to work?

bobbi Mar 8 '13
we use the credits plugin

 i may of misunderstood but have you checked the box for credits in the admin area  - privacy - moderators tick user credits then you and any other admin/mods  will see and be able to change credits on your member profiles

Mikkel Mar 8 '13

Hey bobbi

can i get a peek at your site how it looks as a member? I fixed it i think, if the points only can stand in that quick link box? But it dosent show up in newsfeed

bobbi Mar 8 '13

if you join it i will approve you straight away
Mikkel Mar 8 '13
iam in now, thx :)
Mikkel Mar 8 '13
Thanks again bobbi :) You should have alot of credits :)
Alia Team
Alia Mar 11 '13
Guys http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/6465 .
Credits can be viewed under "Quick Links".
You can use Custom HTML widget to add a link to sitename.com/user-credits/buy-credits  and place it anywhere on your site to make it more "visible" to your site users.