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ArtMedia May 21 '19

Hello, i slowly started creating pwa app, which replace default mobile version. What you want in this app? You can sugest me some features, because this will be mainly separate app (which separate admin panel and new custom layout). App will be support default oxwall plugin and only my plugin, not other 3rd party plugins.

PWA App using HTML5 validation via Javascript, don't using oxwal js/css scripts, dont load js/css scripts from other plugins on your site.

Here you can write your ideas, send screens UI, which PWA app could have and other helpful feedback.

And some screens ;)

Skadate Sweden
Skadate Sweden May 21 '19



- Easy can change custom meta title and meta description in admin settings

- Add a html text field/widget for add custom text and maybe some pictures at PWA index/main page. If not have this your PWA will rank very bad at google search engine because google loves "content" as we already know. (bee ready for google will suddenly make you PWA as "first index" and you desktop index page with meta will not bee the index page that they index anymore. and you can not revert it back if google already decide to do PWA as "first index".)

- Make good scores at "audit" in google chrome tools ....

- make aswome and beautiful design and layout. i see to many mobile apps that looks like square blocks and look boring. 

- navigate should bee easy to do and importen not make to complicated buttons everywhere. easy and beautiful is the key for success with a app this days

- skadate have one feature that i like when it comes to search people they have one page with "swipe" users and one page for "search users" it is perfect because they who not like swipe 1000 profiles can then use the search feature that list peoples avatars. I think both ways are good to have and you can in settings pick what style you want to have or if you want have both styles visible at same time.

- possible to change "colors/theme/icons" if not this possible soon google playstore and apple store will block this app for release on they stores because they try get rid of identical apps mass produktion and releases in the stores. specially apple review team is very hard on this.

- google admob possible to use or another mobile advertising

- in-app phurcases intergrate with membership plugin

- push notifications

- chat with smileys/stickers that visible in all mobile platforms and desktop platforms

More suggestions coming later ...

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AppXprt May 25 '19
Be careful, some might construe this comment and action as anti-competitive behavior:

App will be support default oxwall plugin and only my plugin, not other 3rd party plugins.

JB TECH May 27 '19

Personally, any app-related release for a software that can't extend the flexibility to include third-party add-ons is a bust. This is why official apk/ios app releases have been such a pressing and confusing issue. How do we make it so that third-party features get supported?

PWAs help this because you can make use of the native mobile website and plugins can easily add mobile site support to be included. I don't see why you'd want to exclude such a function for something so reliant on plug n play support.

AppXprt Aug 9 '19
Jake is right, Hybrid / Native functionality that extend functionality through 3rd party libraries trump everything.

PWA really shouldn't even take very long to develop.
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Skadate Sweden
Skadate Sweden Aug 10 '19
oxwall native mobile version is very ugly and to create a pwa on that design is not good...who will use such ugly design year 2020?

hmm...the layout and design should bee upgraded if use oxwalls built in mobile version and do the layout and design much more interesting and take the lead when it comes to design

but to make layout and design to fit 100 plugins in the store is no easy task ...

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