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Hint Plugin | Forum

Steve May 28 '19
Since it appears that Sergey Kambalin has not updated or fixed the Hint plugin if someone would be willing to to make it work.

The problem is when you put the cursor over the persons picture all that pop's up is the persons name and when you put the cursor over the persons name nothing pop's up.

Looking through the posts made it appears it has had this problem since 2018 when oxwall 1.8.4 came out.

It would be nice to get it working again.

Blaire May 28 '19
Do you get any errors or warnings in debug mode? Dave goes over it here.

Have you looked at your error_log at your root? Are there any errors or warnings in it?
Have you looked at your oxwall_logs > error.log? Are there any errors or warnings in it?

I am asking because I use this plugin and I don't have any trouble with it. I'm wondering if something is conflicting with it on your end.
Maybe I've just gotten lucky with it working, I don't know.

Maybe your theme or some such? What theme are you using?

Maybe server set-up? Hmm.
On the right side of this page it lists off server set-up requirements, do you meet them all?
Hmm...what PHP version is your server using? That has been a really big, important thing for my site before.
Steve May 29 '19
My site is on a private server and I am running php 7.2

Blaire May 29 '19
Well, then as far as I know your PHP version is not actually compatible with Oxwall 1.8.4. It's just not stable together. When I ran anything but 5.6 I had some very weird, random errors and, yes, even had data loss to deal with from time to time. Some plugins did not work as expected for me because I was not complying with what the software is actually compatible with, you know?
You want to move to version 5.6 and see if this might resolve the error with the plugin. I certainly won't be surprised if it does.

Again, the official server requirements listed should be reviewed and complied to for optimal performance. This is regardless to the server being private or not. Requirements are still requirements.
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Steve May 29 '19
I am using owengine it is a modified version of oxwall 1.8.4

Blaire May 29 '19
Then you might want to seek support from oxengine.

This is a support forum for Oxwall and plugins designed specifically for Oxwall. As far as I have used it over the past 2.5 years, there is nothing wrong with the Hint plugin. You're putting the plugin where the plugin wasn't designed to function and then saying it's broken. The plugin clearly, clearly says Compatible with: 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.8.3, 1.8.4. It does not make claims to be compatible with Oxwall ripoffs.

It's like insisting that a whole chicken should fit inside and cook fully within a toaster because the toaster was designed to toast bread and both the chicken and bread are food and nearly the same coloring. Uh...no...even if the chicken has the same coloring as the bread they are not the same thing, even if you cut the chicken into bread-sized slices they are not the same thing and are not going to cook the same. That isn't the toaster being broken...that's you demanding the toaster work for something it wasn't ever designed to work for...

I really cannot fathom why Oxwall would even really permit you to seek support for a ripoff--I'm sorry, "update", "spinoff", or "modified version",--of their base software code but whatever. Sounds like a copyright lawsuit waiting to happen if they didn't authorize the "modified version" to use their code. Altering someone's code slightly doesn't magically make it a different product. Free code still belongs to someone. Theft is still theft.

Now you're not just supporting people who have, quite honestly, stolen the base Oxwall code for their "modification" but also that they outright steal plugin code and "modify" it to suit their stolen base code so that you can use it without paying the person who actually owns the plugin code?

Super disrespectful, nonetheless.

Disrespectful to not only the developers of Oxwall but also to every single plugin developer here who takes time to focus on making Oxwall 1.8.4 much more functional and up to date, and who are just working their behinds off trying to make a few dollars here and there to support their families.

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OW-Ghost May 30 '19
the hint plugin works fine ...i never have any issues on 1.8.4 core

i run php 7.3.5 and latest smarty upgrade

maybe it is the theme i should suspect at first and second suspecting the oxwall fork you are use and third suspect some third part plugin conflict


I not use "real names" i use only "username" on my websites....so i not sure what happens when put courser over a "real name".....


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Steve May 30 '19
OW-GHOST I have eliminated the themes being the problem since it is happening on two separate websites that I have...But thank you for your response.  

Smarty upgrade?

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Oxwall Germany Jun 1 '19
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kalvindarwan Jun 6 '23
It would be comparable to demanding that a whole chicken fit inside and finish cooking inside of a toaster because the toaster was made to toast bread and both the chicken and bread are foods and almost the same hue. - tree company rotorua