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Meet iola - iOS/Android application | Forum

iola team
iola team Jul 11

Hello Oxwall Community,

My name is Sergey Kambalin, I am an iola team member. We are a small group of highly skilled and very motivated professionals who join their superpowers to create cool things and bring something new to Oxwall ecosystem. Our experience includes years of web and mobile development in general and deep knowledge of Oxwall platform in particular.

Today we are happy to introduce our brand new product, which opens new opportunities for you as site owners and for your users.

Meet iola — Next Generation Messenger App for your social network site.

This is an early stage product, and for its future growth we have planned tons of useful features. We decided to bring the product to your attention as soon as possible, to get the community feedback and improvement suggestions. This information is crucial for us, since we want to build a product which will be really useful and won't be just another clone of popular apps.

We plan two Open Beta stages to collect as much feedback as possible, to make iola as good as possible before the final release.

Please, check out the Beta testing plan and instructions of how to participate.

We can’t wait to get your thoughts and ideas about the product we build. Hope, you’ll find some time and become a beta tester. And we truly hope you'll love iola.

Thank you and best regards,

iola team

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Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

It looks very good and signed by Sergey Kambalin is a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism.

Of course I'm signed up as a beta-tester

Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango Jul 11

I'm liking what I see so far and have added feedback request for video conference chat and video uploads.

Beta app is working perfectly on my phone.

OW-Ghost Jul 11
I like this...good news very much...i will test the beta version this weekend.

this is a idea that i did have in my head all the time for bring life in oxwall 

But i not a developer so i could not do it myself:)

The competion on develop apps for oxwall is high and that is good for customers who buy products and use them :)

Sad it was take so long only....but anyways ...i need to test this beta version :)

the developer have plugins that is great ideas...so i can see it will bee something good about this project

React Native, will bee interesting check performance 

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Sergey Kambalin

Hello guys,

Thank you for participating in the Beta Test. We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

I wanted to mention that all test users on the demo site ( demo.iola.app ) have same password: demo

So, if you want to test communication between two users, you can log in by any of these test users by using its email/username and password - demo

Hope it will help in testing

Paul Jul 13
Sounds good and look very professional. I am still looking for an native solution for our community :)

look forward for some new good news :)

Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

I've been testing IOLA from two phones with a friend and the operation is very fast and satisfying.

I do not like it is that when you download the APP it asks you with which web you want to use it, that reduces it to the others level like CometChat, ArrowChat and similar.

I understand that it will be a ready-made APP, to which we will not have access to the source code to be able to personalize it with our logos, colors and so on, I think of User Roles, for example I do not want free members to be able to send hundreds of messages .

I see that there is "Flag" to be able to denounce members, but not "Block" which is a function that has Skype, WhatsApp and that is essential for women of age and attractive appearance.

I have not found the possibility of breaking a friendship with someone who insistently offers you something that does not interest you.

In summary: it needs to improve but it is a very good project and what OxWall needs.

I edit because I've forgotten: Zero errors detected.

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Sergey Kambalin

Hello Patricia Zorrilla Bcn,

I really glad to see such detailed feedback, thank you.

Speaking of the site url field - it is just not possible to make one central app without asking users to enter a site url to connect. We will think of how to reduce the time needed, by eg. scanning QR code or pressing a button on your website. But for the generic version of the app it is inevitable step.

We also plan to add various customization options into the app support plugin. It will be possible to change logo, title and background images right from the start and we will be adding more options.

As for customized versions of the app for clients - we definitely have this in our road map. But before, we are going to make the generic version super stable, optimized and feature complete.