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Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

How is it that this developer and partner of Oxwall places plugins in the store which should be able to be downloaded after payment but these purchases are not in the purchase list anyway.?

What is wrong with the store at Oxwall, there must always be correspondence back and forth (if the developer reacts at all) to actually get your purchase in your list so that you can use the plugin.

A digital store, you would expect that if the payment was made via PayPal (of which you have also received confirmation that money has been transferred to the developer) you can also start using your purchase.

Unfortunately this is no longer the case here in the store.!

Who is actually in charge of the store.?

Admiraliteit Imedia

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AppXprt Oct 16 '19
I think PayPal may have split ways with Oxwall.

A inaccurate customer dispute declaring fraud because of a lost card that affected multiple developers here is likely the cause.

Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

But Skalfa LLC does not respond, an E-mail to store@oxwall.org does not help either and Oxwall Moderation Team does not respond either.!

So the idea of fraud is not that strange in itself.?

Oxwall Moderation Team moderated the store, we thought.?

AppXprt Oct 16 '19
The reported fraud was not directly related to Oxwall. The Oxwall Team usually take a few days to respond.
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

We have no idea what is going on AppXprt, and we do not interfere with that.

What annoyed us was that there was no response.!

Now we had a chat contact with John Avdock from Skadate, and he solved the problem.!

We think that's the right way to provide support.!

dave Team
dave Oct 16 '19
Did they explain to you what the issue was, this may also effect other plugins?
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

No Dave, we were already happy that the plugin was added to our purchases.

Now that we can download it, the installation gives a LOL problem.

It cannot be installed.The plugin is from Skalfa LLC, and you should apparently contact Skadate.However, if you send a private message to the Skalfa account here you will unfortunately not receive a reply.So in summary, a plugin purchased but not working.!

dave Team
dave Oct 16 '19
I am sorry to hear its not woriking
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Not working, not even installed LOL.

If that can be done, then we can see if it works.

But a ticket has now been created at Skadate.

Fingers crossed then.?

OW-Ghost Oct 17 '19
what plugin from skadate did you buy in the store that is not working?

i have many plugins from skadate that is working fully

Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

We purchased the plugin "Private photo albums", but the installation is always interrupted.

We think (we are not developers) that the key is incorrect.

We tried it a few times, then contacted Skadate via E-mail, with the result that they refund us the money.

Obviously very nice, but unfortunately it does not lead us to install such a plugin.

Now we have a plugin granted with a key in our list here, but cannot use it at all.

dave Team
dave Oct 17 '19
If they refunded your money maybe they removed the key as well.
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

We tried to install the plugin before the money was refunded Dave.

So something was wrong with the granting.?

Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

Hooray, we get the plugin installed.!

We believe that it has been given a different key, but we have not been notified that it has happened.

Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Oct 17 '19

Quote from Rob

and Oxwall Moderation Team does not respond either.!

Oxwall Moderation Team moderated the store, we thought.?

Just to point it out: You received an email from the moderation team a few hours after your request.

We are happy that the plugin works now.

The Forum post is edited by Oxwall Germany Oct 17 '19
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

For your clarity Oxwall Germany, we indeed received a response from the moderation team but this was almost 7 hours later and it said that it was up to the developer (in this case Skalfa LLC) to resolve this or we had to contact Skadate or Skalfa.

We had already had a chat contact with Skadate, which had partially solved it.

What we would like to see is that the developer had answered us here.

Whether this is a negative or positive answer does not matter, it is about answering.

Answering is such a small thing to do.!

And in a digital shop for downloads, you still expect that the product can be downloaded immediately after payment.

Today we made another purchase, and again a message has to be sent to the developer.

Fortunately, it goes automatically well with some developers.

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 17 '19

It also happens to me, every time a plugin is sold I have to assign the license manually.

The problem is that PayPal receives the product and the email from the buyer, but I cannot know whose email is on the OxWall website, so I have to wait for them to claim and then apologize.

OxWall says it is a PayPal problem and PayPal says it is an OxWall store problem.

dave Team
dave Oct 17 '19
I dont have any problem with my store product keys or paypal. 
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 17 '19

I think it is a PayPal problem.

Somewhere in this forum I read that this happened if you changed the email in PayPal and that it was not solved even if you put the original email.

I did that, years ago, I have a very old PayPal account and I use it a lot.

I also carry with her the Sumate sales receipts and the same thing happens.

Right now I have a fee a few hours ago from a Sumate plugin and I don't know who bought it and I don't know who to assign a license to.

Surely he will say something very angry, and rightly so, but it is not my fault or that of Sumate.

The same happens to me with the subscriptions to my website that I do with the plugin Paid Membership

The Forum post is edited by Patricia Zorrilla Oct 17 '19
Rob - Admiraliteit Imedia

We do not know what it is all about, we know that it is enormously annoying.

An online webshop should work without problems, if it doesn't, then we think it should be looked into.

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