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Plugins by Sumate

User Compatibility Meter
(Support roles system) Add a function in the profile of users and allow them to see the compatibility they have with other users, for example user...
Sumate · Jan 7 '19 · $12
Love Partner
It gives users the possibility of adding another user as a love partner. It will be displayed in the profiles of the users and the time they have...
Sumate · Feb 1 '20 · $10
Extra Contact Plus Floating
A website with various ways of contact, such as through WhatsApp or Messenger, among others, is a website destined for success. A plugin...
Sumate · Jul 20 '20 · $5
Welcome Pluss
Work in the native mobile version of oxwall Adds a widget to the home page,and dashboard page that displays a welcome message to the site. This...
Sumate · Apr 14 '17 · $5
Adds a widget with multiple basic oxwall functions. Examples: Change avatar, view my friends, change my privacy, view my albums, See my groups,...
Sumate · May 1 '17 · $5
Add a widget in MAIN, DASBHOARD and PROFILE simulating the facebook bookmarks with many options. This makes navigation much easier for our users....
Sumate · Jan 15 '18 · $10
Covid Interactive Informer
This plugin will help increase activity on your site.Showing concern for your members increases your confidence and vision about the site -It...
Sumate · May 18 '20 · $10
Actions of News Feed (Facebook style)
-Supports the role system. -It allows users new interactions on the wall in the style of facebook. Available Actions: -Feeling -celebrating...
Sumate · Mar 17 '19 · $5
Profile Status Emojis Style
Users will have the possibility to put predefined profile states in emoji mode.Support Roles. Now the status of the user accompanied by his icon...
Sumate · Jan 25 '19 · $10
Color of states (Facebook style)
--V7-- It allows users to publish any state with a facebook-like background. This is an idea that was very successful in the great Facebook social...
Sumate · May 13 '19 · $10
Visual Ranges(Admin,Moderator and Vip member)
This plugin works through the oxwall role system. Use a modern style icon to show the rank of the user as long as he is Administrator, moderator...
Sumate · Jul 27 '19 · $5
Compatible with Skadate Great for those who have no idea of programming and want to add an animated message on your site.Easy visibility,...
Sumate · Feb 12 '19 · free
Profile Gender Widget stylized
Users will have the possibility to put gender in Widget Stylized.Support Roles.This improves the ability to visualize the user's gender. Free...
Sumate · Jan 25 '19 · $5
Zodiac Sings Profile
Users will have the possibility to put Zodiac Sings in Profile Widget.Support Roles. Modern style. Excellent for your payment members Free...
Sumate · Jan 25 '19 · $5
Mobile Extra Menu FB Style Icon
(Supports the system by roles) This plugin adds an extra menu in the mobile version of oxwall (core) -If the user is not allowed by the role...
Sumate · Jan 9 '19 · $5
(Added support for the native mobile version of oxwall, support roles) Adds a widget to the main page and dashboard. In this will be displayed...
Sumate · Jul 18 '17 · $5
Virtual Butler Alfred
Integrate into two widget a virtual butler. The widget (A) randomly displays messages from our butler helping the user to perform different actions...
Sumate · Oct 12 '17 · $12
Protect Content
This plugin prevents them from stealing your content. Lock the right click. Lock the text selection. This prevents them from stealing the text....
Sumate · Aug 30 '17 · $5
Extended Users Stats and Quick Links
It shows a widget in the user's page and in the main one with personal statistics of the user, be it your photos, blogs, friends, groups, requests,...
Sumate · Jul 18 '17 · $5
Add a widget to the main page, moderators can see complaints easier. An animated image was added. A sound alert was added. The perfect tool to...
Sumate · Jan 17 '17 · $5

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