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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Oct 29 '19

Perhaps someone with a high command influence can suggest to SkaDate to provide a "Skadate compatible" certification service for developers who do not have Skadate.

It would be good to improve the sales of plugins, for the safety of SkaDate buyers, and for OxWall users because they would see that the developer has an interest in their plugin.

OW-Ghost Oct 30 '19
Yes it would bee great idea.

but i have arguee about this to skadate team them self for along time and it looks like they support plugins that only work 25% of the skadate software and they have no problem with we customers that buy skadate have many problems when buy a plugin that says support skadate. and when you install it the plugin it is not work on:

- skadate PWA

- Skadate Android

- skadate IOS

There is very little plugin that work on all 4 skadate platforms.

Reason is skadate will not share this apps and code to any third part developer.

But they marketing they own plugins to work with all 4 platofrms but they not always do.

i now they deny developer "VIPdev" is from skadate team but i know he is , and this is  why i start give up skadate because they develop plugins for oxwall 

This is why i dreaming about some native mobile apps that support oxwall so i can leave skadate. I was talk with someone about this that have created hybrid apps for oxwall. and i told him the design i not like. and he answer back i can use any oxwall theme and not use mobile versions ugly design. the problem if i do that then button will not bee mobile friendly and many other things.

so far i see no great oxwall app mobile solution that can compete with skadate native mobile apps.

And if there will bee....i worry they will not release this apps in the store because they will not sell any skadate products anymore.

So for me as a skadate buyer i feel i inside a dead end and looking when more and more plugins is releasing to oxwall even from them self....so why should i stay with skadate if they not support they buyers with plugins? I have payed to much money for get some plugins here working skadate and i feel i not ready do that anymore and i know some plugins can never work on skadate because it would bee a HUGE project that would need recreate source code for skadate mobile apps and submit all apps for review again and you will maybe have them rejected and all time in this project that you put...you will same time loosing money because you get angry customers leaving because alot of downtime and bugs that need fix 

i want to sell my business i very tired of the slow development.....i know skadate are very little team ...my guess is they are 2-3 people that work on skadate right now...

for the right price i would sell my business.....i loost interest....i try push this software foward in 5 years with hard words and hard discussion but nothing would move this mountain to speed up process.

if someone want have me in any other projects.... just send me a PM.....i would like do something else ...

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Naeem Apr 13

Dear Patricia

Skadate does not certify plugins .. but they sometimes give a developer license to test the plugins with the skadate site and apps .. you have to contact their support team for the same.



OW-Ghost Apr 13
I do some project together with 2 developers to support plugins to skadate IOS,Android,PWA and this project working great and are for sell in the store :)

I think the future is to develop more plugins that are universal and can bee used on any external mobile app platform. I have buy more plugins now when i see interest from developers develop more universal plugins that can bee used with any mobile platform

Yes , i agree some skadate certificate to some developers would bee great to hand over for the develop process.

Maybe they are ready give out to some developers if reach out to them

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader

I asked SkaDate for a license for plugin development and they have granted it to me. :)

Now I have to install it and look for kernel differences with OxWall, then I will check all my plugins and correct what is necessary to work on both platforms.

I don't see many differences.

I guess to access PWA, IOS and Android applications you need a different license than the one I have because I can't download any of that stuff. I don't worry, these are very expensive things and I don't think many people have bought them.

OW-Ghost Apr 19
There is nothing can do with skadate desktop version only and old oxwall mobile version.

If you have money buy super expensive skadate license you will not only buy the desktop version. you will buy PWA,IOS and Android apps , sad that they did not want share this apps with you.

Maybe in future they will do....

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