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Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Nov 14 '19
Hey Developers,

Anyone planning or working on an AMP Plugin for Oxwall to work with Core plugins and other Oxwall Plugins ?

OW-Ghost Nov 14 '19
is not iola doing that?
Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Nov 14 '19
Well, i dont know,,,they spoke about PWA not sure about Amp
OW-Ghost Nov 14 '19

There is:

- oxwall mobile version

- oxwall pwa

- oxwall amp (not yet)

- mobile responsive themes

i feel it start get to many ideas how a desktop site should become a mobile app with NO APP STORE to reach out.

and for me the the point pay extra for a mobile app or plugin is to reach out to the mobile stores wish none if this solutions does yet! traffic is gold for me and googles search engine is the hardest way you can go for get more traffic.

what is the best solutions for oxwall? maybe we should have a vote?

Is Amp a better solution then PWA ? please explain for me the best one of this two?

I think AMP is hard to convert to a android app or a ios app and you not want to split up your software like skadate doing.

skadate is focus on they apps but they desktop software is not synced with they apps. so no mather what plugins you buy int he store the skadate apps are still the same. and that is not how you build a business. you want everything working on all 4 platforms. that is awsome business to build

Okey i see now the only way to move forward with oxwall is to build a OPEN SOURCE OXWALL-  AMP,PWA,Android and IOS software that everyone can have a copy and develop plugin for working with this apps. 

Why is nobody build a mobile app open source ? i feel here is the end reached with oxwall. the absolutely end of story...

iola app need bee open source that everyone can download for free. then plugin developers will start create they plugin work with iola for example. then oxwall take the step in to the future!

we do not need another skadate mobile apps that block developers from create plugin to the apps. that concept is only working if you have a big big team that can release many many plugins. but skadate team do not have that big team. so when they was focus stay alone i think it was wrong strategi. it would bee bteer if skate build plugins for sell and open source mobile apps

sorry i was speak to much as always!

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Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Nov 15 '19
I agree, We all need traffic and traffic is money...but oxwall developers keep making the same apps over and over again. It seems iola is coming alright...95% of users now are mobile. We need to take advantage of that while there's time because if we do that 5 years down the line we will be late.

We need oxwall ios / android app "NOW" that we can also benefit as site owners to get traffic. There are great ideas i have put up here for developers to make apps that will make money but 90% of them make a plugin that is already in the store with minor changes here and there...70% of plugins in the store on oxwall are the same thing.

iola hopefully will change that....i hope they wont' disappoint us

AppXprt Nov 20 '19
Android, iOS and PWA's are already available from Skalfa and in plugin form. You just don't want to pay what is required to build a mobile app and you've never wanted to pay anything significant for an app to be created for you.

AMP requires too much to be done on the Oxwall side with alterations to the core.

The main problem with PWA is that it requires caching which causes issues like stale cache and users don't know what causes it because they don't understand how cache works. Caching is required for a PWA, but it causes problems with login / logout / sign-in / sign-out even on Google Workbox... because of the required caching.. This is just an example, but client side caching causes issues, plain and simple.

The alternative is to use hosted hybrid web apps. This wraps the website in webview as a hybrid app with a bridge for native like capabilities for access to camera, storage, network, etc...

Yes... If you wait 5 years to adopt a solution, you'll be extremely late to the game........
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Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Nov 21 '19
I have seen better Apps than what it is available on Oxwall and with reasonable prices. 

Some developers (Especially new sellers on the store) want to be rich overnight, i have bought 2 plugins for Android and PWA and unfortunately after you pay developers are now nowhere to be found with your money and support requests and issues we experience with their plugins.

Now at least i see some work is being done on the Android App and plugins and the old developers who have built their reputation first and putting trust and building their name first and profit second are coming back to oxwall to help us achieve great things.

New developers think if they can charge $799 for an app on Social Engine the same price applies on Oxwall....Hence their Plugins don't sell. Between $50 and $99 yes, you can sell...remember that Oxwall is OpenSource and those who are starting out don't have the budget to buy Premium platform(s) like Skalfa and so on, let alone afford crazy prices other developers spend.