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Open source Native App. | Forum

Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Nov 15 '19
I'm thinking in start developing an open source native app for Oxwall, such app should have possibility to support third party plugins.

Quick question: Who wants a open source native app?

I need to know how many of you are willing on funding this project. We need funds to make this happen.

Senior Developer.

Paul Nov 15 '19
And I am even willing to pay if it really works.
Even a webview component with a bridge to some plugin functions like notifications would be awesome
AppXprt Nov 18 '19
Native isn't really the way to go, hosted hybrid apps have multiple advantages and are more suited for websites.
OW-Ghost Nov 19 '19
Exactly what oxwall needs for bee a awsome software

Developers sell plugins that working with this native mobile app.

Hybrid have disadvantages that not native have, my opinion.

Founds should bee great way make it develop. when a goal reached of founds someone will continue develop the open source features and fix bugs. 

hopefully it will make more people download oxwall and buy plugins because they see oxwall not only have a desktop software. they now have a open source mobile app that working with almost all plugins and that will make the mobile app awsome

if for example this happens i will buy much more plugins from Artmedia, Senior developer and many other developers that have awsome plugins that i want add to my mobile apps.

I think i stopped buy 30-50 plugins just because it not supported my hybrid skadate apps.

And i run 2 websites, that is about 100 more plugin sells to oxwall developers just from ME one buyer. imagine then if rumour about a open source mobile apps is released what much more interest it will bee for oxwall as platform and the sell go up for every year

I think some great developers need to go together and see this project as a open source that can boost they sell of plugins in the store

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dave Team
dave Nov 21 '19
I dont use mobile in that way and i know nothing of java coding so i cant offer any real pro's or con's to the idea.   

However, i will say that i would like to see more developers offer more helpful articles or vidoes to help others understand the software.  This goes for all developers not just those of us that are active on the forum. If users understand the software and how it works then that saves us time trying to teach them via the forum, it also helps keep them from getting frustrated and leaving oxwall behind for something else. Teaching others is not only healthy for the community, it is also helpful to all developers. 

The more we all share the more users will come and stay longer.  Those users one day become developers themselves and then teach others, completing the cycle. 

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Ash Nov 22 '19
Hello Senior Developer

I will contribute... let me know how much do i need to pay. 



Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Nov 29 '19
This idea is on early stages, there is a lot that needs to be done I will open donations system soon so anyone who can, send donations for this project.

You don't need to know how to code in java, the main goal is that you can add features from your own modules that you already are selling in the store using php, html, css and js. I know how that can be done. A few years ago I didn't know that it was indeed possible, it just needs time and money to be done.

Documentation and video tutorials are a must on first release.

Webview with bridges for plugins seems the "fast" way to get the full website working just as a desktop website so developers don't need to add anything else on their plugins. I think the first version will have this approach, then we can move forward from there and add more native features.

I already have a domain and a name for this project: OSSI App

The photos displayed in the website aren't accurate.

I'm open to all ideas, I have a general idea on what I want to add this app to my website. 

What is the most important module in your website right now?

Senior Developer

OW-Ghost Dec 1 '19
I think awsome to try something nobody try yet..

open source is the only way i can see this oxwall software will move forward with mobile.

There to many leaders right now and that is not working.

Make something that everyone can join and earn money on with they oxwall plugins

Great start SD

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AppXprt Dec 8 '19

You can't come up with original ideas, so you have to steal mine...

No matter, I've already produced 18 apps in development and testing of my working system.

I even turned it on itself and had it create it's own app:

Hope you know Networking, Systems, Servers, Virtualization, Security, Infrastructure Automation and 16 Programming / Scripting Languages...

Oh yea and I built my own custom Linux distro for this, so there's that...

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 8 '19

You scammed me, AppXpert.

It is not good propaganda for you to change your nickname every 3 months.

There are many comments from you talking badly about OxWall and many people here, that if you don't like OxWall, if we are all very bad programming less you.

To your comments someone already answered that for you to return to this forum.

Senior Developer has many plugins for sale, with many good comments from different people and gives good technical support. The ones I bought are working perfectly on my website.

A good reputation is not built by attacking others, it is a very bad strategy.

OW-Ghost Dec 8 '19
Defunct and Patricia Zorrilla Bcn

Please stay to topic , it is all about "open source native app"

As far i can see none of you talk about that subject right now.

Defunct have created a "payed app" that is not free open source that everyone can use and download free and help develop to bee much better with help from all developers coding skills.

Nobody is a thief...because there is no open source native app for oxwall yet in the store.

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AppXprt Dec 8 '19
No Patricia, you wanted specific features that I never intended and I just never did them for you, because you didn't want to pay for customizations. You are very difficult to communicate with and you're never happy with any results. Refusing to work for you is not the same thing as scamming you... There is quite simply something wrong with you and I decided to keep my distance. You had a working PWA, for which you paid a fraction of the actual cost and just because I didn't integrate your SMS notifications for premium users only, which is a specific customization you didn't want to pay for, you consider it a scam. You need to quit putting your 2 cents in where it's never welcome and be evaluated for mental illness for accusing developers of scamming you just because you didn't get your way and they refuse to work with you. This seriously makes me question your motive.

I would like to leave this community, but unfortunately I must remain to support what users I have decided to help for being respectful.

Obviously, The username is Defunct for a reason, because I no longer wish to contribute here, because of incidents like this with people like you and SD.

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AppXprt Dec 11 '19
Maybe that was a little rough...
I have a lot of experience in Native, Hybrid and PWA's. I would be willing to offer my help and support for this, since it is open source. The problem is that with Hybrid apps, the app is going to take on the appearance of the website you're wrapping, so if you expecting this to replace the mobile experience of Oxwall, then you're seriously mistaken. What you would need to do for Hybrid apps is to complete the functionality for the native Oxwall mobile system and have your hybrid app system wrap that as the mobile app. Responsive themes that take away the Oxwall mobile features appear that they would work, but are NOT truly sufficient as they remove native Oxwall functionality for mobile devices. Responsive Desktop Themes Should NOT be considered because of it limiting mobile features. You have a LOT of work ahead of you, but I MIGHT be willing to open the AppXprt infrastructure to building these open source apps which would be able to handle the actual builds of these apps in 5 minutes.

I don't really see Native Apps for Oxwall being a thing at all. Besides, this is exactly why Hybrid apps were created...

Honestly, I'm not sure if you're aware how much work is involved in all of this...
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Senior Developer Leader
Thank you everyone for your comments, I did read carefully to all of you and will update this topic this weekend with news about this exciting project.

Senior Developer.