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[Important] cPanel version 84 has deprecated php 5.6 and 7.0 | Forum

dave Team
dave Dec 2 '19
According to the release notes for cPanel version 84 found here 


They have deprecated php 5.6 and 7.0

"Deprecated and removed itemsDeprecation of PHP versions 5.6 and 7.0

We have deprecated PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 and will remove support for them in a future version."

This means just as it says that starting on their next version (most likely) you wont even have the option for php 5.6 or 7.0 on your cPanel account.

So be sure "if" you install Oxwall 1.8.4 on a server that has cPanel 84, that before their next version release, that you do one of the following: 

1. Make arrangments to skip further updates of cPanel either with your host or on your dedi/vps machine(not recommended).

2. Update your version of Oxwall to run on php versions "greater than 7.0"  because you wont even have those options anymore going forward.

3. Move to a new shared host that runs "cPanel 84 or below" and does not plan to upgrade. 

Im sure there will be alot of people throwing a fit when this happens so be ahead of the game and make plans now folks so that you dont get caught in putting out fires at the last moment. 



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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 3 '19

We would have to make a list of things that do not work in PHP 7.1 and above to go "patching" to fix them one by one.

By CopyRight we cannot publish complete plugins, but patches.

Actually there are few changes.

For example, the list () function has changed, but I think it is not used in any plugin or core.

But for example, foreach () does use a lot and requires detailed research.

This code

<? php

$array = [0, 1, 2];

foreach ($array as &$val) {

    var_dump (current ($array));



in PHP 5 it generates:

int (1)

int (2)

bool (false)

and in PHP 7 generate:

int (0)

int (0)

int (0)

And this is because the foreach internal pointer no longer advances.

Another difference from foreach() is that it now works with a copy of the array and not with the array. Example:

<? php

$array = [0];

foreach ($array as &$val) {

    var_dump ($val);

    $array[1] = 1;




int (0)


int (0)

int (1)

Changes in string:

<? php

var_dump ("0x123" == "291");

var_dump (is_numeric ("0x123"));

var_dump ("0xe" + "0x1");

var_dump (substr ("foo", "0x1"));



bool (true)

bool (true)

int (15)

string (2) "oo"


bool (false)

bool (false)

int (0)

Functions removed:

call_user_method ()

call_user_method_array ()

ereg ()

mcrypt_generic_end ()

set_magic_quotes_runtime ()

dl ()


And there are many more things .... For example, the results returned by the whole family of sort () functions vary if the items compared turn out to be the same.

With this panorama, reading the source code (thousands of lines) is going to be very slow, I think we should be communicating through the forum "this does not work" and we all review it.

dave Team
dave Dec 3 '19
Thanks for the reply, and yes im sure there will be alot of tweaks to do, and we will have to have some way to manage them.  I dont like github, i never used it fully, i dont want to use it.  

Maybe we can ask Ox Germany if he could possibly add a section to the development section of the forum called Patches, then we could post the patches there for users to get.  

The patches have to be based off of a clean 1.8.4 install, i dont see how or why we would be able to promise patches to customized core installs that people have.  So just as before we have to limit our support to just 1.8.4 and then on top of that if they have one of our patches they can list that.

So what i mean is that if someone has an issue we ask them what version they have and they say 

1.8.4  patches  1,2,3,4  

and so on.   That way we can install exactly what they have and test it.  Otherwize its going to be a nightmare to manage and support.  If they have made other custom mods to the core we cant support that.  We could display which patch on the footer. 

We also need to get Puru involved if he is back, and also Ebonezer would be a great help as well, once SD gets some time on his hands im sure he will be glad to offer up some fixes as well. 

All of us are overall pretty good coders but some specialize, i think so anyway.  SD and Puru are good at JS, Ebonezer is good at class management and design, you Patricia have your C background and you understand the big picture pretty well, i dont know your experience with JS.   So with all of us i think we could put together some patches leaning on each others skills to keep users up and running.

Do you think that would work asking Ox Germany to add a new section to the forum for Patches?

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Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 3 '19

I think it would be a good idea.

It would be good to publish the files to replace instead of having to edit them manually because there may be an error.

For example, if you write

$avatars = BOL_AvatarService;:getInstance()->getAvatarsUrlList( array( $userId ) );

it may take many hours to find that it does not work because there is ;: instead of ::

so it is convenient to send the files already checked, and of course add as comments who has modified it, when, why and what lines it affects.

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Michael Dec 3 '19
We are working with Skadate and Php 7.2 since 2 month, looks like it runs with 7.2 without problems. Php 7.3 makes some problems.
Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Dec 3 '19

Quote from Michael We are working with Skadate and Php 7.2 since 2 month, looks like it runs with 7.2 without problems. Php 7.3 makes some problems.
Well, but this is the Oxwall forum, we have another core and other problems
OW-Ghost Dec 6 '19

this is one more reason why you should not use cpanel....better use you own cloud server with free control panel. there is many out there.

cpanel is thiefs and very bad support , do not pay them. put that money on cloudflare pro account with firewall much better!

if anyone needs help with webmin control panel contact me.

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dave Team
dave Dec 6 '19

Its not cPanels fault, its PHP's fault, they are pulling the plug eventually and what is cPanel suppose to do.  Its like a car lot that keeps old cars, you cant do that and be profitable in business. 

Besides as it turns out i found out that cPanel is going to keep 5.6 and 7.0 in the archive but they are not going to update them anymore.  So you can use them in cPanel at your own risk for awhile after it goes south.  So it will be awhile before its totally gone.

Yes Webmin is free but it also has flaws (they all do). It just depends on how secure you feel, its a personal choice.  Plus webmin you have to really know what your doing as a server admin to get it set up. With cPanel you can be a bit of a noob and get by.  
I appreciate you offering to help others with webmin, thats great ")

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OW-Ghost Dec 7 '19
i really do not understand what you got this from?

"""webmin you have to really know what your doing as a server admin to get it set up. With cPanel you can be a bit of a noob and get by.  """

cpanel is the most complicated software you can use compare to webmin that have very easy interface. i have use both and cpanel is not user friendly and cpanel support ar not user friendly to. they always tell you to hire a server admin when i need help from them. thats why i was dicide never pay for they complicated software that hackers love to hack because so many use it. put the money on cloudflare and you get things setup automated with no need of server admin skills.

cpanel is far more complicated and they target server admins. this my opinion.

And plesk is garbage totally and not easy to use. both plesk and cpanel setup as default many security things and features that will not work with oxwall. 

if need help with webmin just send me a message. it is much easy to use then cpanel a 100 times easier.

i forget to tell, webmin have free support and very helpful . the owner was help me totally free solve any problem. i really suprised he put his free time help people for 0 usd

people and software team like that is good people. save you 20 usd many free control panels and if scare about security use your 20 usd on cloudflare and they setup security for you and you not need do anything.

could not say it better my self ---> https://www.anchor.com.au/hosting/development/we_hate_plesk_and_cpanel

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