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Catkin Jan 7 '20

I plan to launch a theme on the store, the theme is not very customizable in its current form.

I plan in its next update to use CSS variables to store the colour values. How do I edit the theme backend that is shown in the control panel to make these variables customizable?

OW-Ghost Jan 7 '20
great, can you change the mobile version theme to and design. now it looks like square blocks and very boring design. nobody is selling built in mobile version themes that make you excited....
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Catkin Jan 12 '20
Sorry folks, just bumping this!

To make it more clear what I would like to achieve is I would like to make my theme customisable so you can change the colours. In the admin backend you can do this with the customise theme tab. How to I specify where in my css file these colours are to be changed?

OW-Ghost Jan 14 '20
Okey for me i was not get excited about you work but maybe you will advance in future who knows.

i only interested in when it comes to themes:

1. First page Video theme with lazy loading that you can upload at least 3 short videos or more on first page.

2. Built in mobile version theme that look awsome

This 2 things are missing in the "Theme store" totally

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Catkin Jan 14 '20
If you could give me some financial incentive to produce and work on these features, I'd be much obliged. Currently that work will take a lot of time and I'll need the help of some of my networked contacts. 

I do appreciate your interest though!

I still unfortunately haven't had an answer to my problem. I would like my theme to be more customisable. But I do not know how to swap out the colours in the backend. I would be willing to hire a developer if nesisary.

Thank you again folks!

AppXprt Jan 14 '20
Jamie, have you watched Dave's Development videos on YouTube? They're really informative and a good start for plugin Development and reference.
Catkin Jan 14 '20
Hello AppXprt.

I recently underwent a name change, Jame is no longer my prefered name.

Thanks very much for pointing me that that resource but I don't need to develop a plugin right now. I am also taking a course in PHP at the moment so if anything, I would come back to that kind of development once I have a grasp on the language.

AppXprt Jan 14 '20
You could create a plugin that allows thorough customization of your theme, Dave's 2nd video talks a little about storing theme / color settings in database that could be useful for this, or could make it easier and use OW Configs which will handle the DB stuff for you.
Catkin Jan 14 '20
Hmm, that does sound an awful lot like what I am trying to do!

Will give it a look.

Thank you

Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 15 '20

Look at your base css file. You will see several instances like the following. These are the existing customize option that you already see in your admin panel. Section 1 will correspond with what you see in Section 1 in the admin panel. You will notice by looking through them that each one has a unique key. If you create a new section, you can name it Section 1.1 etc. From looking you will easily figure out how it works, but don't go crazy with it. I've read at some point that there are only so many that you can have. It's basically just for images, and colors. Just do a ctrl+F, and search of instances of Section, and it will highlight all of them so you can study them to see the different ones. You can download one of my themes to see how I've added sections for customization.

  background-color:#263238;/** OW_Control type:color, section:1. General Settings, key:bodyColor, label:1. Page background color **/

Catkin May 20 '20
Hello Darryl!

Thank you for your help so far. I am just now getting back to tinker with this. Since there is a lot to change with my theme I thought it would be a clever use of CSS Variables so that I may have Oxwall change only one element in the back end and this would cascade down throughout the whole sheet. I have set up some variables and placed the OW_Control comment next to them, but Oxwall refuses to update the color variables from the back end. 

I have included a section of my code below. I hope you can point out that I am missing something obvious and not that this is impossible! 


  --main-bg-color: #23272A; /** OW_Control type:color, section:1. General Settings, key:bodyColor, label:1. Page background color **/
  --text-color: #828894; /** OW_Control type:color, section:2. Colors, key:textColor, label:1. Text **/
  --link-color: #2db395; /** OW_Control type:color, key:linkColor, section:2. Colors, label:3. Links **/
  --link-hover: #ffffff; /** OW_Control type:color, key:linkColorHover, section:4. Colors, label:1. Link hover color **/
  --title-color: #fff; /** OW_Control type: color, key: titleColor, section: 2. Colors, label:2. Title **/
  --num-values: #fff; /** OW_Control type:color, section:2. Colors, key:txtValue, label:5. Numeric values **/
dave Leader
dave May 21 '20
Hi, wish i knew more about theme development so i could assist but i dont.  As far as i know Darryl has been pursuing some different interests and has not been on much these days but im sure he (or someone) will assist you if they can.   We ask for your patience.  :)
Catkin May 22 '20
Oh, I've been a member of the Oxwall community for a while so I'm used to waiting for people to get back.

Seems like developing a theme using CSS variables may not be possible, maybe just how Oxwall understands changing the CSS variables. I'm not sure...

Either way I have a few things to work on in the mean time!

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