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Apache mod_security Issues with bluehost | Forum

Rick McShane
Rick McShane Jan 9 '20

I am running into problems with my oxwall site that seem to be rooted in the Apache mod_security requirement not actually being supported with bluehost.

Bluehost is telling me that unless I upgrade to a VPS (I am currently on a shared server) I cannot get the mod_security turned OFF.

Has anyone else ran into this? I was looking at my account settings and I get much more with the plan I am on now than if I were to upgrade.

I'm also confused why bluehost is listed as a preferred host when they don't meet the minimum requirements and lie to you when you ask them if everything matches the basic server requirements.

Marcus Jan 10 '20
I recommend godaddy business hosting which has the power of dedicated hosting. It's fully managed set up and good to go. Down side is you don't have access to root. 
AppXprt Jan 12 '20
Hmm I don't care for Godaddy, they have some kernel customizations in place that prevent you from making your own swap even just a swapfile.
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Marcus Jan 12 '20
Well then switch to vps or dedicated hosting if you got the skills lol

You will always have issues being on shared hosting. 
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AppXprt Jan 12 '20
I run on AWS and Internal in house infrastructure
Marcus Jan 12 '20
I rest my case you do know stuff. 
Catkin Jan 12 '20
I would make a personal recommendation of using Fast Comet.

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AppXprt Jan 15 '20
Yea those are pretty good prices, but AWS Free tier will give you a EC2 / RDS Server (Server and DB running separately) for an entire year for free with 20 GB SSD on each.


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OW-Ghost Jan 17 '20
i recommend GCP for run oxwall. 

use free plan as long you have little users online at the same time. and very easy upgrade when you get more people online at the same time.

do not use this smaller companys they rent third part garabage network with bad latency. they will never have same good latency as googles own network around the world. 

google is leader when it comes to latency and target users around the world.

sadly they own cdn need a loadbalancer setup and not work have loadbalancer for oxwall , but i use cloudflare cdn to googles servers around the world and get great latency and speed

i think google is plan fix this issue in near future so not need a loadbalncer for use they lightning fast cdn that blow away all server competioners when it comes to latency 

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Rick McShane
Rick McShane Feb 5 '20
Thanks! I went with Krystal hosting and it is great! My only problem now is with https redirects. But thats for a different post.