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Plugin description - Google Maps Location | Forum

Bob (Coder Whacker)
maybe an idea to attach a screenshot Jon. 
Sascha Feb 8 '13
Hi! I purchased and installed that plugin, but i have a serious problem:

After adding the api key, I get a new profile field called "Location". If a user try to enter a location at this field and save it, the field is empty again. Furthermore there is no map on the user's profile. The Map on the main users page is also empty. I think, the main problem is the first. Can you help me please?

Best regards,

jk Feb 9 '13

Hi Sascha

Could you tell me, which oxwall version do you have on your site? 

And could you provide your site url?

i'll try to solve the problem as soon as possible

Best regards,


Soundchum web solution
i had pm you Jk but you didn't answered me 

are you face your customers by this bad way don't answer them any more

go away with your plugin

Chan Kwun Wing
Chan Kwun Wing Feb 20 '13

i installed the plugin to my site and cannot save the location

can you help ????

any email or contact numebr for support??



jk Feb 22 '13

Hi Chan Kwun Wing

Sorry, i can't help you now.

Because now i'm in a business trip and i haven't access to my computer.

I will be back on sunday and solve this problem....

If you have any question you can send me a message via pm.

Patrick Mar 4 '13
Hello, I am having some issues with the plug in, it does not show anywhere. We have a very specific lay out. Any chance you could help out? I do like this plug in and cant wait for future versions. Thanks in advance!
Apr 10 '13
The same problem... I have purchased it but it doesn't work anywhere... My version of oxwall is 1.5.2

Help me please

jk Apr 15 '13
Hi zé
I tested location plugin on your site.
It works fine...
Could you describe the problem or attach screenshot.
Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Apr 15 '13
I have tested it and it works fine in 1.5.2 also, I do suggest in uninstalling and reinstalling. Plus make sure you have the latest version from the oxwall store.  
Lester Sagastume
Lester Sagastume Sep 5 '13
Great plugin. It wasnt working at first. Uninstall.reinstall seemed to have done it though(Platform version 1.5.3).
Mav Jan 12 '14
I need to know if profile locations are searchable in the search page? Is there a location field in the search page that accepts city/suburb/country etc..??

ie: search = female, age range= 22-32, location = wellington, New Zealand.
So you then get a list of user in that area?

Attila Bazso
Attila Bazso Jan 14 '14
Hi jk,

I've got an issue with this plugin. It works well apart from having false results when I do profile search for their location. Is there any hope this would be fixed? I think it would be very important function of the plugin. Thanks!

Solo Apr 22 '14
This plugin doesn't work for me it keeps telling me my key is not valid.
UrbAn Apr 26 '14

The plugin is perfect!

I have some upgrade suggestions:

1-Settable (miles|km)

2-Able to define a default location

3-Able to identify the user IP and propose that place as default location with an input for the range.

One of these can be easily done with few code changes? I need the 1 and 2... ;)



The Forum post is edited by UrbAn Apr 26 '14
Jasper Esmalla
Jasper Esmalla Dec 11 '14
What is the difference between this map plugin and newsfeed location tag? can any of them leave a marker for users where they have been to or what places/sites they have visited/seen? I need something like that but that it will be posted in the newsfeed with the associated photos they posted in that location for their friends to see and be displayed in the profile the list or record of the places they have been to. Is any of them do all those or these 2 plugins have to be combined or integrated with each other? thanks.
Jasper Esmalla
Jasper Esmalla Dec 12 '14

I have signed up to your demo and my account is still under pending approval? howcome? how can i test your demo plugins? please give me demo account so i can test

Ciro Torelli
Ciro Torelli Jun 29 '15

Excuse my question, but the bees of google are paid? Only in this way can I activate the plugin?

The general map where I find it?


Luce Delvoye
Luce Delvoye Aug 19 '15
I bought the plugin Google Maps Location, but not possible to enter the key GoogleAPI error: "InvalidKeyOrUnauthorizedURLMapError"

The plugin do not work
 Possible to run the plugin under version 1.7.4 Oxwall

Thanks for your help
Damien NIVON
Damien NIVON Oct 11 '16

Do you know if it's possible to include ZOOM +/- into the Event MAP ? 



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