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Plugins not free | Forum

kokoko Jan 29 '13
There are many important plugins are not free is there any way i can get Oxwall plugins free?
Ronnel DC
Ronnel DC Jan 29 '13
Need to buy , it's your help from the Developers.
Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts Jan 29 '13
Why is it that everyone wants everything for free? I realize Oxwall is a free program, but how can you honestly expect user to offer there hard work at no cost, especially when it is something that will increase you users value. I not saying it should cost a lot of money but most of the fees here are reasonable.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
I could understand that Open source scripts should have more free plugins. That's why I do some free plugins too.
Jacq Jan 30 '13
Some plugins are very sophisticated and require a lot of work to be developed.  As a user with no coding skills but with a real active community, the creation of new plugins is my avenue of progression.  I am happy to make suggestions, discuss and work with developers to get the best outcome as I know myself and everybody else will benefit.

I also feel as users we should provide more constructive written feedback about plugins.  The positive uses, the developers support and make suggestions of how it can be extended.  This benefits other users and builds the developers reputation.  Too often I just see negative feedback or research new plugins which have had many download and no feedback has been left.  Leaving feedback should almost be made compulsory to provide a true assessment of the plugin.

I believe sophisticated plugins should come with a price tag if we are to keep valuable developers at Oxwall. 
cit27 Jan 30 '13

Quote from Jacq I believe sophisticated plugins should come with a price tag if we are to keep valuable developers at Oxwall.
I aggree
Bob (Coder Whacker)
I believe that there is a need for total quality before anything is presented for sale. I get loads of people moaning I see unsatisfied clients. the Oxwall product it self is professionally produced its own plugins are under quality control.

So what I am saying here in a fair and honest way, is that developers of plugins want to be paid for their services their hard work should be honored. But if the plugin is full of bugs of the result of bad workmanship, lack of testing then it should not be put on sale by the developer as that is completely morally wrong. Its not fair to the consumer nor should the consumer be made to tear their hair out because of lack of product support.

Yes developers should be backed in creating plugins as they are elsewhere by software houses but most of those other software houses have quality control.          
Saif Feb 17 '13
As Oxwall team itself has worked hard but made it free for public developer should also contribute to make oxwall better , I dont say make all you hard work free but 1 out of 5 plugins should be made free.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
Saif, in the same line, 1 out of 5 users should consider atleast saying a thank you for the free plugins. But that does not happen.
Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Feb 17 '13
What ever but quality is the up most requirement it helps to keep a good profile of Oxwall. That means good support of the plugin by the developer. The responsibility should be higher on the ones sold in the store. Even for US$1 because if not developers who buy or download for free are consumers and there are laws to protect their rights. But mainly because it should be fair practice.

People here may think I am a pain in the rear end. Well they are right someone has to be someone has to protect the consumer. Its really a task of self policing here by the developers that do backup support for their products to put in line those that are shoddy and don't give good support to their products. Then offer shoddy goods in a store that should have only high product on sale. or even free.

Yes in this matter i will always be a pain in the rear end till there is some form of decent quality control. I really do not have the time nor want to do that and that's also the case with Oxwall as well.  Basically that should be up to the serious and professional plugin developers. But will it ever be?    
The Forum post is edited by Bob (Coder Whacker) Feb 17 '13
Saif Feb 17 '13
+1 @Purushothaman
Michel Feb 24 '13
add ideal and i can buy plugins :)
Bobby Feb 24 '13
I've been thinking about this for a while. And I'm still thinking about it.
I'm not going to say one way is bad or one way is good. But I think as long as it is BOTH ways, there will always be a certain amount of TENSION.

If oxwall was for $$$ then I would have paid $$$ (and then I would have expected a LOT more).
OR... I would have not come to oxwall... and I would have found something free.
But oxwall is free, is open source and DOES claim it wants to build it's community and user following.
So... I am allowed to play with the code... and I'm encouraged to help others.
But why do I feel alone? Why do I feel like I have no friends, no mentors and no PHP Guru, helping us out here? Perhaps it is my destiny to BECOME the Guru. If so, when do I start charging $$$ for my work? <----- example

Where is the person who should have told us how to stop our avatars from switching?
Where is the person who could tell us how to display 20 user blog titles as opposed to 5?
It's ok. I took care of these two things, by myself.
But... the question now is... because some things are for $$$ am I stepping on anyone's toes, when I solve problems?
Example: is there not one single person who can even give me one small hint about why the images in newsfeed & photos auto-rotate to "landscape" mode?
And.... if that person is out there, is that person holding back on answering me because there might be a future $$$ opportunity within the issue?

So I hope everyone understands. I am not complaining. I am merely pointing out: some people are always going to feel some kind of tension as long as some things are free and some things are $$$.
Again, I am not willing to say this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I myself have purchased an excellent plugin from a very helpful developer.
I continue to do things the "oxwall" way. Which is to have some for free and some for $$$. And I try to do some things myself and I would expect there to be someone to help me do some other things.
If oxwall were ALL $$$ then perhaps a $$$ Guru/s would assist people here, daily.
If oxwall were ALL free then perhaps an open source Guru/s would assist people here, daily.
If oxwall remains BOTH then perhaps no Guru/s will materialize because this would-be Guru/s was turned away by the tension they might feel, in dealing with this BOTH environment.
I am not complaining. I like oxwall. I am not going anywhere else. I just hope oxwall continues to grow, into a massive, helpful community.

There are PHP based open source communities out there that have thrived for a decade or more. They have 10s of 1000s + users, many helping for free. Occasionally there are "consultants" who offer to help, for $$$ up front. Perhaps it is the oxwall "Store" which causes the tension. Or maybe there should be free stuff in one place and a "Store" for $$$ items only. I do not have the answer. But if you buy me a plugin, I will consult with you further :)
DeFender Feb 24 '13

Quote from Bobby But if you buy me a plugin, I will consult with you further :)

agree with you . oxwall is specific code for helps with its autoupdate, all data is replaced.
 an example - phpbb. helpfull and totally free with all modifications. and it is a great script.
I can buy plugins, but problem is payment.
 $$$ for plugin developers not for oxwall developers, it is bad and not true.
risha Feb 24 '13
Bobby you are not alone.
Just not alone.
More as we speak.
risha Feb 24 '13
I guess the photo issue can be solved.

Currently I am trying to solve

Blog issues :
No RSS feed directly - that is, your browser does not show rss icon
How to modify how many blog posts before "more" comes?
How to show an individual blog post to friends only and yet another individual blog post to all public
No categories for blog, no way to allow users to choose a theme and headre image for their blog like wordpress

Profile issues
Make my profile private or friends only

Tag or hypermark directly on photo

These are very basic things present in all social nets.

Geo location or map plugins come äs default or free plug in in every project - elgg, buddypress, drupal etc but here it is a paid plug in - no problem but just saying.

I wholeheartedly agree with your post/comment Bobby
Den Team
Den Mar 3 '13
Thanks for your constructive feedback guys. That's a really valuable.


Oxwall is the young platform compared to others. Even it's an Open Source and free of charge for using, it is time required to attract developers and teams around it. Professional and trusted third party development - that is the most Webmasters get stucked with for now.  And we do our best to grow that ecosystem around the DEVs. This is the most challenge of this year. Note, the whole 2012 the team was working for the product update (ver. 1.5)

As for the assistance with support questions like configuration/installation/troubleshooting etc, we have that Guru - Alia , she assists in the best manner with any kind of support questions. Just try to create a topic, provide with a clean question/details and get responded. 

Also, we have the Guru Michael - he is a moderator of custom code modification forum

It was specially created to assist developers who are new with Oxwall

Ofcourse, the community forum is not that place where you can get a personal assistance every time you need it. As it is a public place called to help each others.


Thanks for suggestions. Please, post it on our suggest board


Samuel Aug 19 '13
Why is it that almost all oxwall developers like selling their plugins. Whereas WordPress developers create most essential plugins and give it out free. It is so sad. I understand that they take their time to develop it. But if the oxwall team can take their time to develop the entire oxwall script and still give it out for free, i see no reason why they can not have one or two essential plugins created for free. They always sell the essential ones and give out the useless ones for free. Just saying.
Purusothaman Ramanujam
I have some free plugins too. The point is that we can not create plugins and leave it without providing any technical support ON TIME. The cost is for the time we put on this and the time we do technical support.
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