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All reviews: Extended Questions/Polls

Tracy Hunter

This is a great tool. Built great and with much potential.

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Tracy Hunter,
Jan 15 '18
Martins Egbokhabho
Awesome plugin

This is simply a must get plugin for all.

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Martins Egbokhabho,
Oct 11 '16
Holy Moses

Nicht gerade günstig vom Preis, ist es aber vollkommen wert. Keine Probleme bei Installation, oder mit anderen Plugins. Alles wie in der Beschreibung. Gut durchdacht. Kommt bei den Usern gut an, seit der Umstellung haben sich die Questions verdoppelt!

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Holy Moses,
Nov 16 '14
Kяuncн Leader
Not responsive

Needs to be made responsive...

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Aug 17 '14
Ron Topol
Great Plugin

Working Great Writen as a good code sample

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Ron Topol,
Jul 15 '13
Fantastic Plugin... 5 Star +

If you never use this plugin then you are not really modernising your site.. simple and interesting to answer question and keeps users on site.. Great work..5 Star +.... check it out on our site.. http://www.morribi.com/questions

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May 14 '13
Exaspian Studios
Exaspian Studios Reviews

Plugin Name: Extended Questions Publisher: Sergey Kambalin Customisation: 10/10 - Allows full control of what users can do while using/abusing this plugin. Some of the available options copied out of the plugin's settings area: Enable "Ask Users/Friends" - Allow users to share questions to other users. Enable attachments - Allow users to add photo video or external link to a question. Enable follow - Allow users to follow questions. Usability: 9/10 - The user interface is pretty much the same as the Non-Extended version while posting a question. However, viewing a question is a very different thing indeed! It shows how many users have voted, the original poster and much, much more. It integrated in with the "Pimp My Profile" Plugin By Paul Cuffe and even managed to scale the pop-up size accordingly. I noticed a very cool feature in which it auto-capitalises the first letter of each available answer, which is useful for people with bad grammar (Most of the users on most of the social networks I've seen so far!). I would have liked to have seen Radio Button questions where the users can only answer 1 of the options, but that is hardly a requirement. Graphics: 9.9/10 - A surprisingly sexy layout and user interface, although at times I feel as if the pop-up version of a question does look a little over crowded. Spelling and grammar: 10/10 - No grammatical/spelling errors what so ever; admin side or user side. In fact it even corrects your grammar automatically! Code Review: 9.9/10 - Same goes for this plugin; "The code itself is of excellent quality, easily understandable and well laid out. There is some pretty advanced stuff that goes on which I would have liked to have seen commented a bit more, but then again most of the people who are going to be looking at the source won't be needing comments in the first place." Final Rating: 9.8/10 - A must have for any Oxwall website! Tiny bit of room for improvement but nothing insanely needed! I would recommend this plugin to any Oxwall site that needs a bit of "va-va-voom" to get the users a bit more active and exited. I, myself am actually considering purchasing this plugin to use on my own site!

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Exaspian Studios,
Feb 26 '13
Lots of Uses

This is an excellent plugin to get the community more interactive. It looks great in the news feed and comes with notifications which keeps the users interested. I created a wishlist! Sergey provided clear instructions and support.

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Jan 10 '13
Chris H.
Worth purchasing

Wow! This plugin is really an extended version of questions. I am very pleased with it. The developer went great lengths in putting this plugin together. I recommend this plugin to everyone.

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Chris H.,
Nov 11 '12
Alex Philipp
Great job! Thanks for Serj

Many features for real community! 1 thing would be appreciated: Add this widget for custom pages!

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Alex Philipp,
Oct 25 '12