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All reviews: Paid Membership

David Jenkins

Great Plugin works as it should

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David Jenkins,
Jun 9 '19
Webster Molaudi
Works as Described

This is one of those plugins you need to have a fully functional membership website, so far so good no issues

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Webster Molaudi,
Dec 7 '17
Works great

Easy to set up and works well with the paypal plugin.

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Jun 26 '17
Works well but room for improvements

You should hide the names of the plugins since that is irrelevant to the user. Also an area to add additional information to the subscribe page under the page header and before the table would be helpful. A bit messy but I got round this by hiding the plugin table headers and table spaces with CSS, then going into the languages and editing the text for the page title to have a header and paragraph of text. It now takes up 1/3 of the height of the page it did before and is much more clear to the user.

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Jun 28 '16
Top Plugin

Its work good...thx

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Jan 11 '16
John Won

I was in two minds to buy the software however, I did buy it today and after installing the plug in I set my membership easily. I set my site up Free, Member and Gold Membership and the ability to add other types of membership such as Platinum; Diamond for example. Great Buy!

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John Won,
Jul 28 '15

This plugin has made my life 100 times easier. Used to have to manually update all user profiles after they paid for their membership. Thanks so much. FLAWLESS PLUGIN #recommended

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Apr 19 '15
Poorly Though Out and Rather Ghetto

This plugin is very basic for the cost, and could have been thought out quite a bit better. In terms of functionality, it is nowhere near as complex as plugins that cost half as much.

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Apr 14 '15
Buggy, Over priced

This plugin isn't compatible with other plugins, the list of things you can do on the subscription page is inaccurate. I.e hotlist, contact me etc Half the actually permissions in oxwall doesnt work so even if you dont give a free user permission to do something, they can still do it. So this plugin makes you look stupid and like I said its far from accurate

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Feb 19 '15
Holy Moses
PayPal button is better!

Uninteressant! Dieses Plugin ist nur nutzbar in Verbindung mit dem Plugin "PayPal Billing". Also aktuell 39.00 $ plus 49.00 $. Wenn man beide Plugins nutzt funktionieren sie, sind aber komplett überflüßig! Man kann lediglich bestehenden Mitgliedern die Option bieten ihre Mitgliedschaft upzugraden. Bezahlte Mitgliedschaft für neu Mitglieder ist nicht möglich. Ebenso müssen alle Membership Upgrades von Hand freigeschaltet werden! Ein total sinnloses und überteuertes Plugin (bzw. zwei!!) das nicht im Geringsten durchdacht ist. Finger weg davon und PayPal Button auf die Startseite, kostet nichts und macht mehr Sinn bei gleicher Arbeit!

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Holy Moses,
Dec 7 '14
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