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OW-Ghost Oct 18 '16
yes stan we was update to 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 and now soon 1.8.5 and no fix...
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dave Leader
dave Oct 18 '16
Nevermind i didnt see that ross had this on the roadmap, i have removed my reply. 

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ross Team
ross Oct 18 '16
I don't know how exactly this feature going to be implemented. 
Pascal Jan 25 '17
Same here: Uploaded profile photos are rotated. We really need a fix for that.
Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Jan 25 '17
I have had professional people delete their account as it just looks goofy. 

I find it embarrassing, and it is odd people have complained about this for  FIVE YEARS, with nothing being done.

Many other things are good, but ignoring basic flaws like this is unconscionable! 

Jordi Jan 27 '17
Yes i am still waiting for this fix... who can fix this? Maybe with a plugin?
Carsten Jan 27 '17
Why are you having this problem ?

I have a clean install of 1.8.4 and have no problems uploading avatars. They show up just as they should.

Could there be a plugin conflict causing it ?
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Jan 30 '17
New plugin available in the store:


It allows the user rotate their avatar.

OW-Ghost Jan 30 '17
I not like that plugin solution at all, it is a quick solution not a proper solution. 

SD i not mean you plugin is not proper done when i say that and i hope you understand. for sure it works like you images shows but again this is to handle over the problem to they who sign up or the admin and i feel that is no good solution do that.

no other social websites have this issue or dating sites only oxwall and skadate have this problem. 

Give the problem to they who sign up to fix they avatars it is not proper solution and feels little like a amatuer website in my opinion when add things like this that other websites solved already 10 years ago.

here needs a proper core FIX in my opinion.

All extra manualy work should always bee avoided as much possible can

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gami Jan 30 '17
OW-Ghost I am also your opinion! The plugin may be OK. But $ 20 for the ROTATE AVATAR PHOTO ORIENTATION CHANGE, is a lot. It is at oxwall the problem to solve. Pity that oxwall does not do anything here.

Here one makes money for problem solving seekers Too bad

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OW-Ghost Jan 30 '17
yes actually i feel this plugin is just for say they solved the issue next time someone complains they say to you there is a plugin that solve this issue.

it adds a button for YOU to solve it or for your USERS to solve it. i not like it at all and it make me upset because this issue have been here for several years and nobody can fix it.

now they lay the problem on us with this plugin and our users. no not good at all and i stand up for that 100%

There must bee better solutions then put it on the users or admin to fix it,other websites have fix this long time ago. 

the money for the plugin i not care so much about and it is up to SD if he want create such plugin and sell it for 20 usd

The problem is know when this plugin comes to oxwall store this issue will never bee fixed never ever and that is very sad when the rest of the software look proffesional

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Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Jan 30 '17
$20 to me is CHEAP..  these take work and skills.

I hope it can continue development and be used to rotate any picture..

j have a few plug ins, this makes a world of different to the initial audience.

Stan Jensen
Stan Jensen Jun 18 '21
Can you imagine having to explain this to over 30,000 members?

So glad a ration plug in was created.

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