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Known issues - Private Albums | Forum

Johnny Jun 24 '15
is it possible to host pictures on a service like amazon?
Mike Jun 24 '15
I think actually not.
I sent a test file to another user who uses amazon as image hoster.
He told me that there are no pictures shown. He didnt send me a response yet if it works with the test version...
Lars Nilsem
Lars Nilsem Jun 26 '15
Hi Mike.

Have you got an oppurtunity to look at the problem i descriped?

Patricia Zorrilla Leader
Patricia Zorrilla Aug 19 '15
Missing texts in the language file, see picture. Otherwise, an excellent plugin that greatly improves each new version. Congratulations on your work. Mike!

Mike Aug 19 '15
Hey Patricia,

Try to reload language file. Just append "?loadlang=pa" at any url. (example: http://yoursite.com/?loadlang=pa)
Sergio Aug 22 '15
When a private album is shared with other user, the user receives a message telling that the album is empty.

Only the owner is able to see the private pictures. I have tried the three ways and is the same, when a user puts a password to see the private album he receives the message telling "this album is empty"

Mike Aug 24 '15

Hey Thomas ad Sergio,

i really work on my plugin every day.

But with error reporting "it doesnt work" is very very very! hard to find a bug.

I already have a fix but will test it bevore i pubilsh it (like all my updates).

You are free to not use my plugin if you want....

David Weaver
David Weaver Aug 24 '15
PNG images go weird after upload if they have transparency.
Mike Aug 24 '15

they will be converted to jpegs which doesnt support transparency.
David Weaver
David Weaver Aug 24 '15
Is there any reason why?

PNG images on the public albums plugin have no issues.

Mike Aug 24 '15
Its the Oxwall standard.
Didnt think about transparent png.

If you need it i can have a look at it.
David Weaver
David Weaver Aug 24 '15
I'd appreciate it if you could add it :)
Mike Aug 24 '15
Added it to my todo list ;)
Micha Sep 4 '15
Hi, i have a problem..when Moderator will prove the Pics..my Program Freeze...?? I can`t use the Plugin.Danke
Oumy Nov 2 '15

Photos height on user profiles are too big. How could I manage photo size on their profile to appear "normal" ?


Mike Nov 3 '15
Which Photos do you mean?

the album thumbnails on the widget, the photo thumbnails or the photoviewer?
Glen Williamson
Glen Williamson Nov 3 '15

I am running Skadate X 1.8.0.  I just installed the Private Album and it's not showing up.  It is activated. My site is FriendshipExpress.com.  Can you assist me?


Glen Williamson
Glen Williamson Nov 3 '15
OK, I figured it out. It's under Profile. My only suggestion is that Public Photos/Albums should show up in the Newsfeed.  Is there a way to do that?

Mike Nov 4 '15
No not yet.
There is a planned function to show all public albums (like oxwall photo plugin) but its not finished.
Jasper Esmalla
Jasper Esmalla Nov 23 '15
is this integrated to the Oxwall photo plugin  where when I go to photo browse or albums that it will have the album of private photos there too and a button to create a private album from oxwall photo.
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