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Shows the message but my cron still won't work. - Cron Test | Forum

Kostya Apr 3 '15
It does say: Cron #:1 - cron job is active - Time of trigger: 11:24:01.

But no body on my website is getting messages on email. I think I set the cron job correctly, nut it won't work. Any help will be usefull! Thank you!

Mario Carriere
Mario Carriere Apr 3 '15
Hi Kostya,

If you leave the page open after clicking the "start cron job test" test link, you should see 1 message each 1 to 3 minutes appear in the window and the count should increase accordingly. Do not browse to another page, leave the page untouched for 15 minutes or more and see if you get many messages. If not, if you see only one message, then your cron job setup is wrong.

You need to see a least 2-3 messages to confirm the cron job is working.

Oxwall Tips
Oxwall Tips Apr 10 '15
Kostya, assuming that Cron is not running only because you can't receive emails is not correct. Cron could be running property and the issue with emails might be mail server related or potential recipient's mail provider related.

1.Open ow_base_mail database table.
2. Generate mass mailing.
3. Refresh ow _base_mail table . You should see a new row or several rows related to your mass mailing created.
4. Wait until Cron runs. Check your "Cron test" plugin. When within that plugin you will see several messages ( 2-3 as suggested by plugin developer) that Cron ran, go back to ow_base_mail table. Refresh  the table. Rows should disappear and table should be empty.

If rows disappeared this means that Cron did it's job correctly and "kicked" emails out to your mail server. And once emails  leave ow_base_mail table, Oxwall no longer controls what is going to happen with them. Your mail server might be blocking your emails, or recipients mail providers blocks emails from your IP/domain.

If rows didn't disappear then the issue is Cron related. And there could be a lot of reasons by it is not running or it is not running properly.

The fact that Cron is not running is not related to this particular plugin, so it is better to submit your Cron related issue into one of the Public support forum sections ( ex. Bugs Reports and Troubleshooting or Server set up and Installation).

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