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What to do if you suspect cron job is not working - Cron Test | Forum

Mario Carriere
Mario Carriere Apr 3 '15
First, you need to let the cron test run for some times. It's possible to get 1 message when you start the test even if your cron job is wrong.

To confirm your cron job is setup correctly, you need to see at least 2 to 3 messages. If messages appears at a regular time, then your cron job is working.

While the test is running, don't browse to another page because doing so will stop the test.

The plugin is very simple and has been tested. So, if you don't see messages in the window, your cron job is wrong. In that event;

1- Go to https://docs.oxwall.org/install:cron

2- Follow all the instructions according to your case.

If you have SSH with your hosting provider, you can manually test the command while leaving the cron test running in a different window. You will see the message appear as you call the command.

3- If you still can't get the cron job to work, please post a message in the forum --> Installation Troubleshooter and server setup
This is the best way to get help.

Please do not post here about specific cron setup problem. Here, I'm the only one to answer. On the forum, you will have access to many people with experience and knowledge.

Please keep this forum for problem with the plugin.


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