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Smilies Plugin | Forum

Marc Mueller
Marc Mueller Nov 9 '15
Since there since neither an answer nor an update from the "Smilies" Plugin developer. Is there anyone who could do something similiar?

Send us a message for details.

Thanks in advance,


tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 10 '15
there is a new update in the store /

 i see in changelogs he has only fix a small problem and has ignored all the problems bought up in forum posts there 
and has not even answered an of them 

Marc Mueller
Marc Mueller Nov 10 '15
Ya, just noticed it.... thanks for the information
David Nov 14 '15
Still works acceptably well for 1.8.  I'm not fond of this guy because of how he treats his customers, but I will say that both this and Advanced Comments still work.
tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 14 '15
yes this plugin works but has problem
it loads every smiley on every page load
caps break the smileys
and few other problems
that seams will never be fixed
David Nov 14 '15
caps break the smileys?  Explain?
tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 14 '15
say you set word(lol) to show a lol smiley
some browers and mobiles always make the first letter caps so its Lol
and you get broken image 

i have shown the dev and he reproduced all the error i found  hmm maybe 8 months ago but nothing has been fixed
OW-Ghost Nov 14 '15

i get error on my seo when i add new smileys?
it says =  images has no alt attribute
someone can help me how i put alt attribute in my gif images on my website i know the code but how i insert it ?? what tool i use?? can someone guide me??

tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 14 '15
sorry he did fix the caps problem in smileys double wow 
OW-Ghost Mar 31 '16
someone speak to me there will bee a smiley plugin new one but i never see anyone i waited for 6 months and more now and i guess i need wait for next christmas maybe then they will do a christmas smiley plugin with santa smileys :)) 
Sypa CC (Creative Fertile)
I'm very disappointed that oxwall has not emojis/smileys in its core. It is a must have for every social community website. Every basic forum software has it but we are out of it. The plugin doesn't work in forum and has many bugs.
But there is a solution, hire a developer. Pay for everything also for basics. Oxwall team, your project has the chance to become one of the best solution for website projects. But you make essential mistakes.
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 8 '16

I'm working in an alternative smileys plugin, if there is anyone interested please let me know.

Thank you.

online teaching
online teaching Jan 31 '18
how to add the smile plugins.I have online tuition in australia .but i can't add the smil plugins.can you explained the details for adding plugins.